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Cool bags and ice packs


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Hello :)

I've been doing SW for a while now and have lost about 10lbs so far.

Next week as part of my placement I have to go away on a residential for a week with some young people.

It should be a good week, but obviously I'm concerned over eating whilst there. The young people are in charge of cooking and I know that SW principles will not be used.

As it's taken me so long to get to my current weight and I'm finally feeling happier with myself I've decided to carry on with SW and play it safe and have a green week. I will be taking baked potatoes, beans, savoury rice, pasta and sauce, mug shots, ryvita etc to keep myself going.

I also wanted to take some yoghurts and cheese triangles but want to keep them in a cool bag with me rather than in the fridge. The reason for this is the food in the fridge is shared and not that I'm selfish but I want to keep these for me.

My plan is to use six ice packs, keep three in the freezer whilst three are in use and keep swapping them over.

I'm away for five days. Do you think this would work?


Lucy x
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Should be alright as long as you rotate the packs every 7-8 hours or so.
Probably better with a cool box rather than a bag.
Might want to do it in 2's though as I think it takes longer than 8 hours to freeze them doesn't it?

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Thanks for the replies. Putting them in the fridge isn't an option really as it's quite small and they will more than likely get eaten.

Not too sure how long they take to freeze. Will look into it.

Sometimes SW becomes socially awkward when you have to bring your own food!


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But to be fair I think you would be facing the same issue on any other diet plan. If there is a freezer can you not just batch cook at home and take your own frozen meals? Take them out in the morning and they will be ready to reheat come dinnertime. And can you not survive without yoghurt and cheese spread for a few days?


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I'll definitely consider that Circes. Thanks for the tip.

I love SW I really do, just sometimes don't like feeling picky.


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Apparently FarmFoods sell long life yogurt, however I don't know if it's SW friendly or not!


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Shirleen said:
Apparently FarmFoods sell long life yogurt, however I don't know if it's SW friendly or not!
That sounds interesting. News to me anyway.

Think I'm going to stick with the cool bag idea and hope for the best.

Will see how it goes.

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