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coq au vin...HIGHLY RECOMMEND>>>alli diet plan book

serves 4....275cals...13.5g fat per portion

1tbsp olive oil
100g lean unsmoked back bacon, diced
140g leek,cut into 2-3 cm chunks
200g small shallots ,peeled
400g skinless,boneless chicken thighs halved
200ml dry white wine
300ml water
2 bay leaves
sprig of tarragon
200g button mushrooms left whole
15g (1 level tbsp) cornflour
parsley, chopped (add when dishing up)

1) heat oil in large non-stick casserole dish and fry bacon for a few minutes to brown
2) add leek and shallots and continue cooking for a couple of minutes
3) now add chicken, wine,water and herbs and bring slowly to the boil
4) cover and reduce heat, allow to simmer gently for 20 minutes
5) now stir in mushrooms and continue to cook for another 20-25 minutes
6) just before serving add cornflour mixed with a little water and allow the sauce to thicken
7) serve hot sprinkled with parsley

serve with a crusty roll and green salad or crushed potatoes with herbs (add 1tsp olive oil per 150g potatoes)...makes meal 410cals...17g fat per portion

if you have crushed potatoes the allowance is 150g per person
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Dasvidaniya FAT & FLAB!!
Thanks booboo!!

Stupid question, but does the sauce taste quite "winey"? I don't know why, but I'm not too keen on "winey" tasting sauces!!

Also, being mega cheeky here, but do you have any recipes from your book which are pie fillings? Obviously the pastry is a no-no, but I'm having to make pies for a charity, and just wanted to give a low fat version of them! Anything in the direction of chicken and leek?! I'm soooo cheeky!!!

Thanks again for you recipes! Beef koftas for us this weekend!
Hiya Passiflora

it doesn't really taste winey due to the herbs ect I must admit I know what your saying i'm the same !!
the beef koftas are gorgeous enjoy them !!

will get some recipes for you....
and instead of pastry which is a no-no i use a crushed potato topping with herbs and asparagus in...so the coq au vin you could put in pie dishes.....back on later with pie recipes :):)
Could you replace the thighs with breast? I only like breast!
Yes you can Charlotte ....thighs are just cheaper...its a delicious recipe...

I sometimes put this in large ramekins and top with mashed potato with spring onions in and serve like a pie...its very versatile...:):)
Ohh that does sound good! I may end up making this for tea!!
(I always thought that coq au vin was red wine..oops!)

Is the alli recipe book good?
Ohh that does sound good! I may end up making this for tea!!
(I always thought that coq au vin was red wine..oops!)

Is the alli recipe book good?

Yes all the other recipes show coq au vin with red wine...although i think i prefer it with white wine....

The allí diet plan book is great, it has good recipes and also explains how the diet works....and what it recommends...
at the end of the day alli is xenical but in a milder form !!
I find the book a good reference.... :):)
Oh i shall have a look on Amazon! Thanks :)
np always here to help :):)
Charlotteg1988 said:
Oh i shall have a look on Amazon! Thanks :)
hey charlotte u can get it from ebay for a fiver thats where i got mine but im yet to get the pills thought id do ss much research as i can before i start


Likes to smile :)
Got it for £3.50!! Not used the recipes yet but working through it when I get a moment
You will enjoy the recipes :)


Likes to smile :)
I'm sure I shall, I've had a look through and there are already some I want to get making!!

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Its so easy to plan your meals when you have this book....enjoy :)
hey guys im lil confused iv just read through the alli diet plan book and it says nothing about 5g per 100g rule its mentioned portion size with fat and calories which seems alot easier. where did you guys hear of that rule?
I've been on tablets on and off or two years... The rule was told to me by my doctor .. He said food is low fat if it's 3G of fat per 100g and then went on to say but 5g is low enough and won't have these side effects with it :)
It is stated on www.mapassist.co.uk which is for people that are prescribed Xenical...

Always Read the Label

There are certain types of food that tend to be high in fat, so it is a good idea to minimise the amounts of these ‘problem foods’ in your diet. They include: cheese, full-fat milk, pastries cakes, take-away food, fast food; and fatty red meat. You should replace these foods with low-fat alternatives like: fruit, vegetables, fish, lean meat, and cereals.

In addition to this, you should read the label on foods to find out how much fat they contain. Make sure you look at the fat content per 100g, this will make it easier to compare foods that come in different sizes and weights.

Try to select foods that contain less than 5g of fat per 100g.

In addition to watching the fat, you should aim to reduce the sugar and salt content in your diet as well as increase your fibre intake. You will find all this information on the label, or by looking online.
Anika in the little book that comes with the Alli tablets go to chapter 6 page 49 ....your daily allowance of fat is 45g thats 15g per meal.....snacks should contain no more than 3g fat.....with Xenical we just stick to 45g fat full stop and none extra for snacks....

I hope this helps :) xx

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