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  1. peapod

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    I keep (reluctantly! I much prefer unlimited chocolate - it's just a shame my behind doesn't! :p) coming back to WW, and as I'd like to eat well for a while I'd like to try Core. I don't go to meetings, and normally I point - with the aid of a Points calculator, shopping guide and an Excel spreadsheet - so I don't have any of the Core literature. Can anyone let me know what the points allowances for Core are, and do you get allowances for things like milk (Soya, in my case :sigh:) or is that included/to be pointed?

    Thanks in advance!
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  3. Karenlou

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    Hi Peapod

    The basic elements of Core are:
    - you eat three meals a day
    - the meals are made up of things from the Core food list (which does include skimmed or soya milk) - for a list of Core foods, see here: My Long and Bumpy Journey | A new me in 2007
    - eat until you are satisfied but not stuffed
    - any food eaten outside of your three meals a day (apart from fruit) must be pointed
    - you have 21 points a week to spend on treats or snacks outside of your three meals a day
  4. pixiepiratess

    pixiepiratess Going From Flab to FAB!

    Ooo ill be following this me thinks! .. Im on day one of core! not sure how im gonna find it but am going to scout thro peoples diaries for menu ideas! lol ...Hopefully it will keep me snacking on healthy stuff rather than choccy etc
  5. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate 2011 is MY year!!

    I can honestly say in all my years of yo-yoing around, it's the easiest plan i've found to fit into my lifestyle.
  6. Emma_2008

    Emma_2008 Gold Member

    I'm thinking of trying this one week just to see how i do!
  7. Jennyonaplate

    Jennyonaplate 2011 is MY year!!

    well I guess there's nothing to lose but weight!!

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