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Corinne's CD to SW Food Diary

Hello! I'm new to SW after losing over 5st with the Cambridge diet :). The idea of eating is taking some getting used to after not taking solids for 6 months :D! I can't believe that I can eat so much, and still lose weight...I know I may initially gain weight this first week as my body adjusts to eating again, but hopefully I'd like to lose another stone to get to my target.

Before I started CD I didn't ever eat salad, veg or fruit, but I'm really enjoying eating healthy food, hopefully I'll reap the benefits!

So, today I've had (Extra Easy):

Breakfast 28g Special K Sustain and milk, banana (HEX A & B)

Lunch Huge salad with smoked mackerel fillet (yum!), mandarin mullerlight and a satsuma(2)

Dinner Tuna Pasta bake (from latest SW magazine - v nice), and large side salad (3)

Snacks Grapes. lots of :D

Total Syns: 5
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Welcome to SW! Well done on losing so much on CD! Hopefully you'll adjust to SW well. It's brilliant that you can pretty much eat what you want :D good luck!! x
Monday 17th May Extra Easy
Breakfast 28g Special K Sustain and Milk, banana (HEX A & B)

Lunch Left over Chilli con carne and salad, satsuma

Dinner Pork lemongrass & ginger stir fry (from SW magazine), toffee mullerlight, pineapple and kiwi.

Snacks Grapes, 3 chocolate biscuits ?? syns - must be my entire daily allowance though!
Well done for your loss so far! I bet you're enjoying the food eh? Looks as though you have the hang of the plan- def use the online syns directory on the website though to see exactly how much things are. xx
Thanks Debbie! You have no idea how nice food tastes after so long not eating!

I have been using the online syns calculator, unfortunately I couldn't find the biscuits I had - they were a posh tin of choccy biccies a patient sent in for us - being a student nurse is v v bad for dieting!!! I'm assuming as they were completely covered in thick chocolate they would be pretty syn-heavy - a penguin is 5 1/2 syns so I'm estimating they were about the same x
Tuesday 18th May Extra Easy

Breakfast 28g Special K Sustain, fat free natural yogurt, mixed berries, banana (HEX B)

Lunch Smoked Mackerel (1 1/2), mixed salad, satsuma, apple

Dinner Roast mediterranean veggies, pork steak. Mullerlight.

Snacks Grapes, 2 chocolate biscuits (8)
Hi Debbie, yes I'm loving the plan! It's so nice to be eating normal, healthy food, and never feeling hungry.

Congratulations on your weight loss btw, have you lost all your weight on SW?
Thank you:) Yes, I have lost most of it on SW. Hit a plateaux last month and did 2 weeks on CD and lost 11lbs which was a good boost but it just didn't agree with me so am back on SW with a renewed love of it!
Wednesday 19th May Extra Easy

Breakfast 28g Special K Sustain, Milk (HEX A & B)

Lunch Jacket Potato, cottage cheese, salad

Dinner SW chicken tikka (0.5)and basmati rice, fruit salad and mullerlight

Snacks Maltesers (9.5)
Thursday 20th May Extra Easy

Breakfast 28g Special K Sustain, milk, apple (HEX A & B)

Lunch Homemade tuna pasta salad, with 1tbs extra light mayo (1.5) and v. low fat fromage frais; fruit salad (pineapple, melon, apple, orange, grapes, pomegranate seeds, mango...YUMMY!)

Dinner SW quiche made with lean bacon, mushrooms, onion and sliced tomato, SW chips, baked beans. Mullerlight.

Snacks Chocolate biscuit (4)
Friday 21st May Extra Easy

Getting the hang of this now, have never eaten so well!

Breakfast 28g Special K Sustain, milk (HEX A & B)

Lunch Jacket Potato, Fat free cottage cheese, salad

Dinner Baked haddock, new potatoes, mush peas; Mixed berries, pineapple and mullerlight

Snacks Melon, grapes, Maltesers (9.5)

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