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Cosmetic Surgery

Be careful with cosmetic surgery done abroad. Find out what happens if it goes wrong i.e. whether they will take you back and correct the mistake and whether the doctor is certified and of the same standard as cosmetic surgeons here.

I won't go down the cosmetic surgery route. Just turned 22 late last year so am going to work hard at the gym and it should hopefully pay off. Am also quite scared of cosmetic surgery, or any surgery really, too many risks.
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Definately planning surgery, my bingo wings 1st, then boob job, then maybe tummy tuck, full body lift, and alittle work done on my face, just need to find a man stupid enough to pay for it,lol.


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Thanks for the replies.
I've been researching the op for many many months now and have been in close contact with my surgeon. I'm going to Prague to a clinc called Prague Beauty, i've heard lots of amazing stories from that clinic and a client of my CD has just come back from there after having a tummy tuck, she loved the results and thought the clinic and staff were amazing, i'm confident that i've chosen the right place. The price is right (lol) and i'm sooooo looking forward to it. I'm also going to sneak in some liposuction aswell while im there, might as well make the most of it!!!

Penny, my boyfriend has offered to pay half of my surgery bill but i'm not taking it, it's my fault I need surgery in the first place, so it's me who's going to get the loan out and pay for it myself!!! (oh jesus, I hate getting credit)!!! xx


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SD1722 - do you mind me asking how much it costs? I'm thinking about it after I've lost my weight as my c-section has left me with a baby-belly overhang...yuck
Hi Karen, it's costing me £3800 and thats for a full tummy tuck and 2 areas of liposuction. The price also includes return flights to prague, 6 night stay (2 in clinic, 4 nights in 4* hotel), a driver to pick u up and take u back to the airport and obviously all of the pre op tests etc. If you looked at having it done here, it would cost double. The clinic i'm going to has had numerous good reviews and the surgeon has sent me his CV etc so im confident it's going to be fab xx


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hi - I checked the website for the prices - amazing....!


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just saw your response - good luck with it all and let us know how you get on. I'd be really interested to hear about your results :)


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is your saggy tummy due to a huge weight loss? Sorry if I'm being too nosey!


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10 stones???????? That's frickin AMAZING! You must be so ecstatic!


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You are inspirational SD1722.. good luck with the TT x


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Yes absolutely, started again on Sunday, need to lose the last bits now ready for Prague. Losing the weight was the best thing i've ever done, completely changed my life x
Congratulations and well done Sue!

Fantastic achievement losing 10 stone:happy096:

Here are a couple of links to members who have had a TT.





Good luck with your TT Sue:)

Love Mini xxx

Love Mini xxx


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Hi, I always said when I get to goal I will have tummy tuck and boob job, tummy tuck to get rid of my apron of skin, from both weight and emergency c-section... and a boob uplift as they are saggy and need a bit of oommpphh!! I promise myself these things, so will be really interested in your experience as I have heard wonderful things about the clinics in Prague...


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