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Cost for Men v Women


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I think it may be costed out by pence per gram, which makes it the same price, (per gram) but you guys get more grams, so you have to pay more!
Seems fair enough to me!! :D


I will be skinny again!!!
erm... lol

Im sure the men would be allowed to do the female version..

I know Ollie did and still lost lots! Find out if he still had to pay more?


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i no what you meen mate it does seem unfair but im not botherd so long as i lose the weight but i have wunderd why its differnt for lads


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I see your point, but if you get more product, it costs them more to produce it.
But then it's not your fault that males need more calories and vits and mins etc.
So there does seem to be an inequality here. One of the few times it pays to be female I think!


I will be skinny again!!!
well the maths does work IF 1 man = 2 woman, then a woman has 3/4 of a mans total over a week, so if a woman costs £36, divide by 3 and multiply by 4 = £48... all fair.... but is it???
Sorry guys! head is well and truly pickled

yep I did it but I got 4 packs per day (Equivalent to male 2 big packs) = 28 packs per week = £48.

Thats £1.71 (48 / 28) per pack men pay

Ladies get 3 packs per day = 21 packs per week = £36.
thats £1.71 (36 / 21) per pack ladies pay

We pay the same amount per pack, per gramme, per everything. There is no discrimination, just the fact that men need to take in more calories per week than ladies


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My brother does LT and was a shake short this week so I gave him two of mine to make up for it. I called LT and they said two female shakes is the equivalent of one male shake.
So I think it is fair - men may be getting less sachets but they are actually getting more shake, if that makes sense?!


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Ollie - glad one of us can do the maths!!


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I wish i could have another shake in the day ..... seriously! i hate drinking my last one :( lol
My hubby does teh female but has 4 packs a day, one chemist wont let him tho so we have to travel. Dont understand why cos its exactly the same nutritional content as is in 2 male sachets.
Good luck
I think that the chemists who offer lipotrim are tightly controlled by the suppliers, if one chemist broke the "cartel" and offered cheaper lipotrim then the business model would be wrecked. The margins for the manufcaturer and the pharmacy are HUGE......

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