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I have just received an invitation to join Costco.

Never seen one, never been in one, don't know anything about them, really, but I was under the impression that they sold things in large quantites, a bit like a cash and carry.

They charge £25 a year and also seem to want to see a bit of personal documentation.

Is it worth it? I live on my own, so I am not using large quantities of anything, and I don't have a lot of storage space.
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We have Costco membership and yes it is £25 a year to join but you get 2 card so maybe you could split it with a friend. Thats what we do so membership in effect costs £12.50.

They sell electrical items quicker than they get them in the other uk shops and we save much more than our membership fee on a single purchase. They also have a 3yr guarantee on all electrical items and if you have any problems with anything then you can take it back - no questions asked and you are given a full refund.

They also sell clothes, they have named makes i.e calvin klein jeans etc as well as their own brand which is really good quality.


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I am a Costco member but only go every few months to 'stock-up' on bulk stuff.

They don't do dead cheap food, but the food they do is VERY good quality and good value for what it is, but you do have to buy in large quantities.

I use it most often for when I am doing a family gathering. I go and bulk buy meat, fish, cake, bread, etc for barbeques and Christmas party's.

For my own personal use I drop by every 2-3 months and buy a side of salmon, tray of chicken thighs, massive bag of prawns and pork fillets which I section up and freeze, so I have lots of goodies that last me ages.

They do electrical and clothes, but I have never been tempted by these as you can get cheaper on-line if you shop around

Hope this helps

Yes, cocktailprincess, that really does help.

I don't buy things in bulk, I don't have a freezer, and I don't have much storage space, and I don't do any entertaining, so I think I will give it a miss.

Thanks to everyone for their advice.
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I used to have Costco membership until I moved.

I'm not sure if they still have it but they had a "passport" which at certain times of the year gives you even more money savings on certain goods.

I would use these to get stock of basics like toilet rolls and washing powder etc, which more than pays for the membership itself!

They also do fantastic deals on books, CDs, DVDs etc. Beware though, I always spent more than I intended because there was always something fantastic on offer!!!

I miss it because there isn't one here.
They call themselves a "membership warehouse club".

According to the information I was sent, there are two types of membership - trade and individual.

For trade you have to prove that you are in business.

For individual membership you have to be a current or retired employee of certain employment groups: banking/finance, civil servant, education, fire/rescue, insurance, local government, medical/health service, police, post office, airline, OR have one of various qualifications such as pharmacist, chartered surveyor, etc.

You need to prove this by providing what they call "relevant ID" - payslip, etc., or proof of professional qualification, plus a current utility bill. And pay £25 a year membership.

They have a website - www.costco.co.uk - with a bit more information.
Hiya yes if you join up you can shop on the same day.

Hubby and I.go once a month and stock up on meat, Veg and household productd
Thanks for your reply I am looking forward to filling my boot! Not looking forward to hubby seeing how much I spend though! :p

Its so strange - ive been to Costco tonight!!!! and i last posted in 2010 on this thread. Bizarre!!!! x
What a funny coincidence Elle! What did you get nice? x
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When I saw this thread started by Avisk I got all excited. I thought she had come back.

She always gave me such sane advice.

She is another one of the same ilk as Circes.
I got Chicken, Diet Coke and Flying Saucers. Dont ask!!!! hehe! x:8855:
Ermmm ok ...then...... ;) xxx

I had a complete nightmare getting there with mum we got lost and it took forever so didn't have as much time there as would have hoped but still managed to spend loads and get lots of yummy goodies! nom nom!
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we go monthly, we get the decaff filter coffee in a big tin, crabsticks are really nice, sometimes the fruit is nicer than supermarkets, rice in a big container for 3.99, pasta, passata, tuna, sardines, beans, chopped tomatoes, splenda - all the SW essentials lol x

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