cottage cheese with peppers !!


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No i havent it sounds yummy i just tried looking for it on sw website...couldnt find it though...
should imagine it is syn free though only peppers and cottage cheese what harms in that?xx


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ooh yummy :)


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I often buy the plain cottage cheese and add chopped peppers, spring onions and sliced cherry tomatoes and a healthy grind of black pepper. You can make an ordinary pot of cottage cheese go a long way like this, and you can make the veggies as small or as chunky as you like. It makes a great free topping for Ryvitas, jackets, etc, and is very tasty. :)


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That's what I do too Minders...peppers and spring onion work really well in plain cottage cheese I think. Makes it much more interesting...and you know what's gone into it too. Somehow I just don't trust what they put into it at the cottage cheese factory...but that's more likely to be my strange food foibles than anything else!