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Cottage Cheese ?

I Lurve Cottage Cheese...........But I am unsure which is best, the book talks about 3% fat etc but the cottage cheese I can find in Asda etc doesn't tell me this.

I have Langly Cottage Cheese which says 3.4g carbs per 100g (250g tub).

Can anyone tell me where to buy this less than 3% fat etc or what I should be looking for on the labels ?

Thanks !!! And when it says cabbge (even pickled) does this mean pickled red cabbage ?
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WILL be Slim!
i get the diet range of cottage cheese...but not sure about cals etc....you might be able to do a comparison with asda/sainsburys website?

Yup, includes pickled red cabbage oddly so my CDC says! Very random but nice to have the sharper flavour for a change!

enjoy hun xxx
Thanks Liz, I am excited for having 'lunch' at work on wednesday for a change ! Going to have my meal in the day rather than at night when I come home from work !


WILL be Slim!
i have been having food at night but not actually admiting to myself that i'm now on SS+! lol. I have accepted it now and i'm comfirtable with the eating thing! I am enjoying the food....but still terrified of 810 quantities! the only thing "managable" on that plan is the chicken! Everything else feels HUGE!!!
LOVE cottage cheese too hun! it rocks!!!! YUM
cottage cheese and pickled cabbage rocks!

PS I use the Tesco lighter choices one, it has chives and onion do you think it matters?
With chive and onion didn't harm me or my ketosis - onion is off limits generally, but the amounts in the cottage cheese are miniscule. The type with pineapple was very tempting, but I didn't. It was difficult, but I resisted...


re looking at labels for anything 3% or less fat, look for 3grams of fat or less per 100 grams of product.

I usually just got the plain asda one from thier diet range and it was lovely!

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