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Cottage cheese!


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Urrgghh why do they have to put too much salt or sugar in them! I had the morrison one and it was too salty. The Asda one was ok but the onion and chive one tasted very sweet to me and not at all appetising. I love cheddar but i know if i bring it i will eat it all and most probably in cheese and tomato sandwiches so cottage cheese can be a lifesaver for me when i was something savory but i wish they just wouldnt add too much salt or sugar x does anyone know of a nice cottage cheeses x
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I don't know how it compares to others but I love the waitrose ones. Very creamy and delicate in flavour.
Hey are we talking general cc or fat free?? Xx
I am very fussy when it comes to cottage cheese. I love the m&s onion and chive one but its higher on syns (about 3 per 1/2 tub I think) so don't have that very often. The one I get is the sainsburys onion chive (the normal one, but the natural one or the good to yourself one - both of which i think are rather bleurghh), to my taste it is nicely flavoured without being too salty and the texture isn't all grainy and icky like alot of the others. Its 1 syn for the whole tub so really not too bad at all. They stopped stocking it a year ago and I was very very upset but they seem to have seen sense finally and its been back in store for the last 6 months or so.


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we actually like the asda smartprice one and that is syn free too.


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Tesco value one is surprisingly lovely! It's plain but you could always add stuff to it? And it's syn free :)

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Oh, just checked and the Tesco light choices one is free, as is the natural and a Grilled Pepper Pesto one I've never seen before


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Mmm loads to go through, i have had some so far and wont be going back to morrisons for some. The asda normal lf cc is nice but the onion and chive one no way so will have to try some of the ones that have been suggested. Circes i would be absolutly rubbish at making cc at i mess up the most simple of things like my roast chicken today!


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Very low fat langley farm cc, mmmm best by far in my opinion!
I have tried that but didnt like it as it felt a bit watered and it has this smell which make me feel sick like its been standing out in the sun or maybe its just me being overpicky x

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