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Couch potato wanted for £24,000/year job


running strictly on fat!
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I might have just found perfect job then lol

No but seriously, it's rather scarry to think that you'd be stuffing yourself silly only to use some new dieting pills...I don't even want to get into health implication issues...And the worst thing of all, many ppl would do this to themselves completely FOR FREE!!! It doesn't get any more crazy...
Thanks for sharing hun xxx


Go on smile! =)
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£24,000 a year to develop illness and no social life. How can you spend £24,000 sat on the sofa.


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It's a bit early for an April Fool's joke innit? :giggle: Where do I sign up? Proactol is apparently similar to Xenical, so eating takeaway wouldn't be a good idea lol.
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£24,000 a year to develop illness and no social life. How can you spend £24,000 sat on the sofa.
Ooooh i'd spend it no problem....just need my lappy and my plastic lol

Seriously though, that's just mental! Promoting over eating can't be a good thing no matter the reason....scary stuff :(


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Indeed, it's promoting eating disorders to me.


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Theres a time that actually would have appealed to me a little bit lol!!! Now it sounds like a year of hell!!!


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wow , a free trip to a early grave and you even get paid.. how enticing this job seems.... and goverment let this go ahead? and complains about obesity? cant they test these drugs on people that need to loose weight not people that dont care about there health?


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C: 7st9lb BMI: 19.6
So sad and sick :(

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