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Couch to 5k - did it affect your weight losses on SW?


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Back on the wagon - attempt no 652. Five pounds off, good start. But - I'm doing no exercise and I want to start now. I've been having back problems and my osteopath has recommended yoga to stretch the muscles and couch to 5k to build my fitness. He said to follow it as closely as I can while listening to my body for aches/pains. He did the same thing and dropped six stone, but it took him 12 weeks to get to the full run rather than 8. I'm a complete beginner to running.
So as I warble on, what I'm asking is did the couch to 5k affect your weight loss negatively, with a gain or maintain for a while? I lost two and a half stone the last time, but no dress sizes til I started working out a trainer. Then I put up half a stone but finally dropped a dress size. I would like to think that it would give the weight loss a boost, being mainly cardio rather than weight bearing. But I don't want to see the scales going all over the shop either.

Any experiences anyone?
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Everyone is different to be honest so I imagine the answers will vary. I know it's easier said than done but if you're exercising and following SW then perhaps try to forget about the scales for a few weeks, focus on inches instead. I would definitely recommend taking measurements before you started and in fairness even if the inch loss isn't substantial at first you know you're doing right by your body...exercising and healthy eating :) Good luck!
I didn't lose and was absolutely gutted. However, I took my measurements. Within a few weeks I had lost 4 inches but my weight remained the same.


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I maintained for about 4 weeks but then dropped my last half stone to take me target :) running is fab, free, liberating ans you CAN do it xx


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Thanks for the replies - I guess there's only one way to find out! The osteopath did say its about health and fitness rather than weight loss. Before the weight did come off but not the inches, which are really what we want in the end I suppose.
Got to try to take the old "look after the pennies and the pounds will look after themselves" approach - or "look after the inches and the pounds will look after themselves"!
I found that I maintained for the first 2 weeks of the running program but the weight losses improved after that. DEfinitely made me feel fitter and more active though :)


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Hi ya! I started sw 8 weeks ago with a good 7st to loose ( but initial target is 4st) and started c25k 4weeks ago! I'm a total beginner and v unfit! Initially I planned to do each week twice to give ne time to build up for next step but actually I did week 1 5 times, week 2 4 times and week 3 the standard 3 times! My fitbess is def improving! And I am so proud of myself!! to get back on topic - yes the first 2 weeks I only lost 1/2lb and then maintained, and I was gutted. People kept telling me I must of been eating to compensate for running, but I knew I wasn't I was sticking religiously to plan! But fibally this week I am starting to see results! I list 3lbs at WI AND my running trousers have gotten si big they fall down!!! I actually need to go and buy new tracksuit bottoms! (cause running holding ur trousers up and pushing pram is not easy!) I'm now building in more into my "run" by ending with a few reps of the arm press and wheelie things at our out door gym in the park where I run! Time to tackle the bingo wings!!! Any way the point of this ridiculous long message is Go for it! It may or may not affect the scales but u will def see changes for the good on ur clothes and over all fitness! Good luck! Keep me posted on how u get on with it!


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Thanks for all the replies! On my way to join the gym in the morning so. I know I can do it - just have to let my poor legs and ass know that they're about to be pulverised!