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  1. Peridot

    Peridot Peridot

    How long do people's counselling sessions last? Ours always seems to get squeezed into the last 15 mins and consequently we go through it rather quickly. I don't feel I'm getting much out of it so far (week 3) but maybe this is because I'm yet to get properly into it.

    Thanks Minis!
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  3. Juliakno

    Juliakno Taking it Day by Day

    Hi Peridot!
    I remember when I started Foundation, we normally didn't have much time for the actual counselling, to the point where we were told to read up on it at home. Most of the time seemed to have been taken up with weighing people, and watching the DVD. As time moved on, and the group got a bit smaller, and also everyone is more comfortable about the diet and has less questions to ask in the 1 to 1 time, we have more time for the counselling, to the point where I checked my watch yesterday, thinking that it surely must be almost finished as we had been talking for hours, only to find out that there was another half an hour to go:eek:.

    Also, in weeks to come you will be required to to some more home activities, and generally lots of thinking and reflecting, and it will all eventually come together (or so I hope anyway:p, there is me still trying to get a grip on thought records (introduced in week 9 if I remember correctly)

    Even with the limited time, I think the counselling is what will make a difference to other weight loss plans in the long run.
  4. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Hi Peridot

    Our LLC - working alone (no assistant) used the first 30 mins for weigh ins, etc, we then watched the DVD (she processed our orders) so we always had one hour for counselling.

    Our LLC has done the programme and really knows what will work and what won't. If you are only getting 15 mins, that, to me, is being short-changed!

    It might be worth ringing head office to get their take on it.

    Good luck.

    Mrs L xxxxxxx
  5. Eileen

    Eileen likes posting.

    Slimming world.
    my conseller does at least a hour, he has someone who helps him with orders so we get through that quickley.I would conplain its not good enough.
  6. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    I have been seriously disappointed to have had no counselling for the last 5 weeks. I feel like most of my group encourage her by jangling their car keys and saying they want to go and watch the TV!!

    She says Anyone Struggling? and because I am not struggling with the plan I have nothing to say.

    I did ask her last night if development will be more focussed, she said it is, but I'll go elsewhere if that isn't true.
  7. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Hi Just Do It

    I have to say I was really shocked when I read your post! That's terrible (in my opinion)! You have done really well, judging by your ticker, without the support; how have you coped?! For me, the counselling was really important. Are the others in your group doing as well as you?

    Development is a whole different affair and, in my experience, less focused so be prepared.

    Well done on achieveing a great weight loss, in spite of a lack of support from your LLC!

    Take care.

    Mrs Lxxx
  8. Just Do It

    Just Do It Full Member

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    Well Mrs L, I have done it with the help of wonderful people like you and your fantastic thought record post. So thank you, very very much.

    And loads of thanks to everyone else on here. To me Minimins is my support group. I'm afraid that there was only one other in my group who thought like me, everyone else just talked of their lapses and complained about the DVDs.

    But I must confess I am concerned about management because there is so much in the book we didn't cover and I don't have much understanding of it at all.

    Thanks again Mrs L

  9. pbfhpunk

    pbfhpunk Full Member

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    Calorie counting and exercise
    My group has gone from 11 to 6 and some nights it's only 5 of us, on the nights when it's 5 we prefer not to watch the dvd and spend time chatting then getting weighed and our packs and then working through the book.

    I get nothing from the dvds and find them very irritating - however if I hadn't of found this site I think I would have found them more valuable for the sucess stories and what to expect.
  10. fatpossum

    fatpossum Silver Member

    Hi pb,

    I agree with you about the DVDs - I always considered them to be little more than the 'hard sell'.

    On the other hand however, that blonde guy who led the exercise classes had a spectacular pair of thighs ;) - our group very much looked forward to seeing them each week !!:D
  11. Helen

    Helen Full Member

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    I agree with MrsL that development (for me anyway) is much less focused than foundation and we don't always do structured counselling every week, sometimes its talking through someones particular problems although I suppose thats counselling of a different kind so I wouldn't hold out much hope that development will be better. We always had an hour of counselling in foundation. I really would look at either finding another counsellor or transferring to CD - if you're not getting the counselling why pay for it?

    Let us know what happens.
  12. Mrs Lard

    Mrs Lard Silver Member

    Hi Claire (Just Do It)

    Thank you so much for such a lovely comment; it made my day!

    Helen - just to let you know that Tiger Girl has just started a Development thread and I urge any Developers (past or present) to pop over there and add your feedback. TG and I are keen to let LL know how we feel so the more there are (of us with feedback) the merrier and maybe we can bring about a change for the better (and for those future Developers).

    Goodnight everyone.

    Mrs L xxx
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