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Counsellor Cancelled Group


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Hi All,

On Tuesday I turned up for group but was told by her helper (girl who weighs us and dishes out the packs) that the group wasn't running as most people had phoned in sick and you need a minimum of 4 to run a group. Counsellor was in another group at the time so couldnt speak to her directly

Has this happened to anyone else before? If so how did it affect the 14 week programme - did you manage to make up for the stuff that had been missed?

Bit miffed actually - I love going to group and felt fobbed off
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Yep, it's happened to me a few times - I doubt the whole group has been cancelled, just in that evening - things didn't go according to plan.
I've come to a session a few times, and my LLC was unable to be there (due to running late from her day job or other commitments - and holiday periods we did not have a session). It doesn't affect the program. For quite a number of months (back 2 years ago when we had 'set' groups of the same people in each one and no 'new' people were allowed to join after 3 weeks) - I had no group to join after the 14 week Foundation and was running 'solo' - just going in for WI with no counselling sessions. I think there is an element of needing to sometimes be able to do it 'by yourself' too... Your LLC won't be there to hold your hand forever. ;)
If anything - you can read and do the exercises in the book for yourself, or re-do some old ones. :D


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Whilst I think to a certain degree you are right Minerva, LL isnt cheap and you pay extra for the weekly councilling. I would be a bit miffed too!!

When we have had problems in the class, my LLC would sit and have a 1 on 1 with me!! it wouldnt take the full time, but at least we discussed any issues I had that week!


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my llc will do a meeting with just two - even in maintenence, when we no longer are paying,if someone turns up she will do it.
daisy x


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I was lucky, while I was on abstinence our LLC always held a class. Very occasionally we had a locum if she was on holiday.
We didn't work strictly to he books etc. She would address whatever issues people needed that week. She's a very experienced counsellor and works through the programme, bu not to a strict timeplan.
I'm sure it won't affect your group if you miss a session or two. After all, that's life. It's not always neat or consistent is it - or we wouldn't be in this posion!
Now in maintenance we still have a group every week even hough we don't pay. If there are very few people or the weather is really bad we usually have a shorter session. Works fine.
The LL theory is that you only pay for the packs. The counselling/CBT is free.
Minerva is right though. There is a tendency to become dependent on people who help us. There's no harm in going solo once in a while. Proves YOU can do it.