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Counsellors & Weight

Question to counsellors - do you find it a struggle to keep your weight off as presumably you become a counsellor as no longer have the support of someone weighing you?

My friend recently switched from LL to CD and said that throughout the 14 weeks the class all shrank while the counsellor was obviously gaining weight (not the reason for the switch) and I felt really sorry for that poor woman.

Anyone that has stress eaten can understand how it might be easy to slip back when you feel like lots of people are watching your weight and judging a diets worth by how you look
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Just to add that from a personal perspective I would feel more comfortable around a counsellor that struggles a little as I'm not perfect and feel a little daunted by being weighed by someone thin !
TBH it's horrid to know you're gaining weight while your clients are watching!

It's a double edged sword, I suppose. Half of me knows I have to keep slim(mish) so that my BMI doesn't go over 28 and therefore break the code of conduct that's expected from a CDC. Half of me really wants to keep slim as an example to my clients.

But half of me almost resents the pressure sometimes......

I am always very honest with my clients and let them know when I am struggling, as I know fine well that I've not beaten my food demons yet. They have all said that they would rather have a CDC who understands their issues with food than someone who is a bit of a diet nazi lol - but that's probably cos they're all lovely people!!!

No I feel the same way as your clients - it's only human to struggle and while the foodpacks deal the weight it doesn't slay the demons!

Surely there must be CDCs who lapse over BMI 28 and then back down again though, as most people bounce around in weight (well 7lbs or so up and down)?

Do LL have a counsellor max BMI as they way my friend was telling me, this poor woman couldn't have just gained a few lbs, but more like stones. Its awful to think that CD & LL has to be the one industry that is allowed to discrimate against the overweight as presumably if someone got really out of control and regained everything they could lose their job as well !


Hmm, I wonder if I make my clients uncomfortable? Hadn't thought of it that way. I suspect the answer is yes for some of them.

I haven't had any problems keeping the weight off - in fact, I've lost more - but I never had anyone weighing me anyway (my counsellor didn't do that) and I never depended on it as a motivator. I think it does probably depend a lot on what motivates you and what your lifestyle is like.

Although my BMI is below 28 now, I became a CDC before that rule was introduced, and at the time I think it was around 31/32 (can't really remember).
Yes you feel clients are watching your weight , i find myself telling people i had a baby 6 weeks ago so they dont think im overweight for no reason.
I personally didnt worry seeing a counsellor overweight and was on cambridge because it made me feel better that dieting is hard and that i wasnt the only person with weight issues.



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Hmmmm, what an interesting question hippychick. I'd never thought of that.
My cdc struggles with her weight and admits it openly. I find that we sort of offer each other tips and advice and like the way she uses herself as an example of what to do and sometimes of not what to do!!!
I've never asked her if she feels pressured into keeping the weight down.
Very thought provoking!

My CDC is still on her own weight loss journey and to see the progress she has made is such a good motivator!! I find it really comforting to know that she is only human too and has up and down days like the rest of us - and let's me honest its soo much easier to relate to someone in the same boat as you .... otherwise this forum would be useless!! Not the saving grace that most of us need !!!!

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