Countdown to holiday plan - new start


Hi. I've done SW before and lost about half a stone, but piled it all back on and more. none of my clothes fit properly anyone and it's quite distressing when they fitted about 3 months ago. I still have baby weight to lose after having 2 babies 21 months apart. I try to exercise 3 times a week doing workout DVD's at home but busy lifestyle, ie, a job and 2 kids, doesn't always allow it!!

I'm going on holiday on 17th march so figure if I try hard I could lose about 10 lbs?!

Here goes, mostly green days - Sunday

Hex a milk
Hex a
Hex b 45g low fat cheese
Hex b wholemeal bread

B - syn free rice pudding with lots of chopped fruit.
L - beans on toast
Muller light
T - free pasta bake with loads of salad and cheese allowance.
Pud - SW syn free rice pudding and blueberries

B - leftover rice pudding (free) and fruit
L - leftover pasta bake and salad
Muller light
T - quorn chilli and wild rice
S - 2 finger kit Kat x 2 (11 suns)
Mug shot (free)

Can't stop thinking about food and my portions sizes are probably a bit too big - mountain of pasta. Must try harder.
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Day 3

Hex a - milk
Hex a2 - 3 babybel lights
Hex b - olive oil
Hex b 2 - wholemeal bread

B - banana and muller light
S- grapes
L - jacket spud with leftover quorn chilli and fat free cottage cheese, huge salad
S - syn free rice pudding and frozen berries
S - piece of toast with marmite & tomatoes
T - pasta with free vegetable sauce (with olive oil as hex b and babybel light grated as hex a2.

2 for a tiny spot of flora on potato
9 for green and blacks chocolate

And done 'Pulse yoga' DVD.
I forgot to weigh myself at the start so may just go by how my clothes feel. At the moment they don't fit!