Countdown to Paris Marathon, 7 April 2013

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  1. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    I signed up for the Paris Marathon back in November. I knew I needed to lose a few pounds (around 20lbs to be at goal). Initial training went well but I lost my focus in January, so I'm starting a diary here to keep me on track. I'm going to write down my goals and chart my progress.

    Food wise, I sometimes calorie count, but mainly just try to eat clean, particularly during the week. It's served me well so far (lost 3 and a quarter stone so far) but I run long on a Friday and recently that has caused me to lose the plot a bit (okay, okay, a lot) over the weekend. So my food goals are as follows:

    1. Eat clean (limit processed food and sugar), drink water
    2. Keep a food diary on here
    3. Three meals, no snacking unless running
    4. Stop eating at 8pm to give a full 12 hrs fast overnight
    5. Three "get out of jail free" cards a week (so I can break the rules three times guilt free)

    Exercise wise: this is the minimum, more can be added in as needed.

    1. 3 main runs a week - mon medium distance (6-8 miles), wed interval (hill or speed repeats), fri long run - days may vary when I have training races etc on
    2. 3 strength sessions a week - DVD or other, needs to include upper body, core and legs
    3. 1 yoga session a week
    4. 1 total rest day a week

    Proposed long run schedule below (other runs I do what I feel like, but the long runs are sacred and I'm a bit behind on distance and speed due to snow, illness etc). The longest I've done is 14 miles so far. It felt okay and I could have gone on a bit but I dont feel as ready as I ahould at this point.

    8 feb - 10 miles (cut back before next weeks race)
    17 feb - Bramley 20
    22 feb - 12 miles
    1 mar - 18 miles
    10 mar - longleat half marathon
    15 mar - 20 miles
    22 mar - 10-12 miles
    29 mar - 6-8 miles
    7 April - Paris marathon!

    So each week I'm going to post my plan for that week in advance, then post daily to show my progress. Feel free to say hello and support if interested!
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  3. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Exercise plan for this week:
    Mon: AM strength, 20 mins; PM 6 mile run
    Tues: AM Core, legs and back, 45 mins
    Wed: AM upper body, 30 mins PM 45 min run (hill repeats)
    Thurs: rest
    Fri: PM long run, 10 miles
    Sat: yoga, 60 mins
    Sun: 40-60 mins of anything (or extra run)
  4. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    i wish i had the time to a morning strengh workout, im too grumpy in the mornings so i darent go to the gym in a grump :p
  5. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    I'm a single parent so can't get to the gym. I do workout DVDs. I love to do p90x DVDs for strength, but they're an hour long and I'm just not able to get up that early at the moment, so I'm alternating between Bootcamp ones - anything with a good amount of body weight resistance in. I did jillian Michaels ripped in 30 level 3 this morning, and I ordered a couple of new ones which arrived this morning - 10 min Bootcamp which is subdivided into body areas which I like, and bob harper strength workout.
  6. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    all my dvds are with a friend, she borrowed them last year and is still using them!
  7. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

  8. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    So, quick update. All going well so far (but it's only 2 days in). Had one weak moment today, went into costa to buy a coffee, and had a bit of a mental battle over a muffin, but my angelic side won out :)

    Mon exercise: 30 mins of ripped in 30 (level 3), 4 mile run, av pace 9.40, cals eaten 1800 (approx), cals burned 705
    Tues exercise: 4 mile run (treadmill) av pace 10.00, cals eaten 2100, cals burned 475

    Plan for tomorrow:

    Am arms and core (20 mins)
    Pm hill repeats (30-40 mins)
  9. gina_b

    gina_b Les Mills Fitness Freak

    8 weeks today!

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