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Couteaux - slimmer by September!


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Well, I tried another plan for a few weeks and didn't get the amazing results I hoped for, so back to what I know best and hoping to get a good few lbs off over the next 5 months for a wedding I am going to in Sep. My long term goal is to lose 4 ish stone but would love at least 2 off by the wedding.

My weight loss has been painfully slow since having my daughter (5 months old) but hoping it'll kick in and start flying off now ;)

Breakfast - 2 eggs on HEB bread

Lunch - beef and veg curry and rice (leftovers)

Dinner - pork and bean stew, carrots, broccoli, green beans

Snacks - apple/pear/ berries

Syns - tbd
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Gorgeous day today! Have been feeling hungry with not much I can easily grab and eat, need to prepare more!

Breakfast - crunchy bran and milk (spilt half all over me and the floor!) banana

Lunch - leftover curry and rice, pear and apple

Dinner - roast chicken thighs, butternut squash, carrots, veg and couscous.

Syns - chomp bar - 6
Glass wine - 6
Total 12


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Breakfast - banana, 2x bread (HEB) and 2 eggs

Lunch - pasta with pesto (big tsp 3 syns) didn't have much so off to make some veggie soup.

Dinner - chicken with veggies and pasta.


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Feeling really hungry already today! Just had a banana and plotting what is next ;)

Breakfast - banana, 2 eggs, beans and Hexb toast.

Lunch - leftover pasta with chicken and veg

Snack - pears

Dinner- roast chicken thighs, bns, couscous with spicy spinach, courgette and chickpeas.

hEXA cheese
Syns - 1 scanbran
6 - fibreplus bar
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Yay! Just weighed in and I've lost 3lbs this week :) so relieved after weeks of staying around the same number. Hope this is the start of some good losses! :)

Breakfast - 2 eggs on 2 bread (Hexb)

Lunch or dinner - BBQ pork kebabs, chicken breast, mixed salad and new potatoes.

Lots of fruit for snacks. Heading to shops in a mo to stock up :)
It gets better... Yesterday was a day before my official WI and today I am showing a 4lb loss!! I am so pleased! I'm officially in the 14's after 3 months in the 15's it makes such a big difference psychologically. Wooooooooop! (just a little bit happy) ;)

Breakfast - 2 eggs on 2 Hexb toast, apple & banana.

Lunch/dinner - prob BBQ for both as we're doing work in the garden. It'll be chicken, maybe some meat and veg kebabs with new potatoes/couscous salad.

Syns - a cpl spritzers ;) 10 syns
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Off for a picnic with the kiddies today do hoping the sunshine stays!

Breakfast - banana, taste of hummus

Lunch - syn free homemade hummus and carrot sticks, pea and potato frittata, apple, pear.

Dinner - all depends on weather.. Either a BBQ with chicken and salads or slow cooked shin of beef with mixed veggies and rice.

Syns - none
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B's lovely lady said:
Well done on your loss!!! Your doing really well! X
Thanks so much! It has taken ages but glad the lbs are coming off now :) keeping all crossed that they fly off in big numbers to make up for the super slow last few months ;) living in hope...

Haven't had much today, had friends over to play so food went out the window as I was busy getting their lunch ready.

Breakfast - 1/2 banana (shared other half with baby)

Lunch - BNS, carrot and lentil soup, carrot sticks.

Dinner - leftover spinach and potato curry, chicken thighs.

Hexb- didn't get to eat it in the end! Will definitely plan better.
Syns- none planned. Didn't have any yesterday in the end either as I had a bad headache, might have a couple drinks on fri instead.
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Breakfast - 2 eggs on 2 toast, banana.

Lunch - BNS and lentil soup with carrot sticks and free hummus.

Snacks - apple, plums

Dinner - roast chicken, parsnips, carrots, brussels, green beans.

Syns - will see how the day goes.. Maybe some vino later. Need to start getting some in daily rather than saving loads up I think....
Hectic couple days but been on plan, minus a little chocolate blip yesterday, but I was still within my syns for the week. I just wanted to go mad and eat loads of sweet stuff! Had to remind myself of my goal to stop myself going too bonkers. Used a couple days worth but could have been loads worse! In the end I had 30.


Breakfast - banana, kiwi, strawberries, piece of chicken.

Lunch - pasta with cherry toms, cucumber, olive oil (HEB) piece chicken.

Dinner - chili with jacket potato. Chili has carrots, mushrooms, green pepper, onion and tomatoes.

Syns - olives in pasta (2)
Wine 6

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