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Coz12 food diary the last 10lb

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Food Diaries' started by Coz12, 8 August 2011 Social URL.

  1. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Hello guys. I am doing Slimming World from home, I have lost 1 stone 13lb so far which I am absolutely chuffed 2 bits at :) I have 10lb left 2 lose, but the scales don't seemed 2 have moved for the last few weeks, so I am looking to you lovely people for help!!!

    Please do not hesitate to comment/advise on my diary, I WILL b honest & keep it up to date.

    Monday (Red day)

    Milk for tea/coffee - hexb

    Breakfast - Egg, 1 slice toast 400g wholemeal loaf (1/2 hexb), small fruit salad pineapple, cherries, blueberries, strawberries & grapes.

    Lunch - Left over SW KFC chicken (one drumstick) carrot, spring onion, cucumber, mixed with 3 Aldi light cheese triangles (hexa) scan bran/Ryvitas to make up the other 1/2 of Hexb. Coconut Muller Light.

    Dinner - Peppered steak, salad & a few wedges (made with potatoes & with skins left as my other hexb) maybe fruit for dessert.

    Syns - will probably b a packet of Aldi Crispy Fries 3.5 & maybe a hot choc 2 plus some Mayo 2 dip carrots & celery in during the evening & anything else that may crop up although will try not to go over 7/8 syns.
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  3. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    I must read my posts before sending!!! Milk will be one on my hexa's NOT hexb's. X X X
  4. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Actual syns - crispy fries 3.5, Mayo (very l/f) dessert spoon 1, SW scotch egg 2. Total = 6.5
  5. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member


    Skimmed milk for tea & coffee (hexa)

    Breakfast - 1 Weetabix (1/2 hexb), WW yogurt, 1/2 banana, blueberries, strawberries.

    Lunch - wholemeal roll (hexb) egg & light Mayo (1 syn) French fries (4 syns)

    Dinner - chicken curry, muller light coconut yogurt.

    Snacks - fruit, Alpen light (1/2 hexb) scotch egg (2 syns)
  6. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Last night I had 3 cheese snack biscuit things which were 1 syn each too.

    Wednesday - red day

    Skimmed milk (hexa)

    Breakfast - bacon sandwich bread (hexb)

    Lunch - salad, sliced chicken breast & FF vinegarette & fruit salad

    Snack - Alpen light (1/2 hexb)

    Dinner - chilli (without kidney beans & rice)

    Snacks (at the cinema) Alpen light (1/2 hexb) crispy fries (4 Syns) fruit salad
  7. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Omg dunno what was wrong with me last night after we go in from cinema (it was an early evening showing so we were home at 8) I munched on 4 lighter choices sausages - 4 syns = total syns 8.

    Thursday - red day

    Tea & coffee - Skimmed milk (hexa)

    Breakfast - 1 Weetabix (1/2 hexb), blueberries, apple & kiwi WW Toffee apple yogurt poured over.

    Lunch - picnic today. Asda w/meal pitta bread (hexb) with lettuce, onion, ham, cottage cheese, slimming world scotch egg (2 syns) lighter choices sausage (1 syns), banana, apple.

    Snacks - Alpen light bar (1/2 hexb)

    Dinner - pork wrapped in stuffing & Parma ham, carrots & courgettes (2 syns) muller light coconut yogurt.

    Snacks - Crispy Fries (3.5 syns) & fruit
  8. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Last night I also had a cheese snack biscuit thing (1syn) & a few spoonfuls of left over chilli.
  9. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Friday - green day

    Skimmed milk for tea & coffee (hexa)

    Breakfast - scrambled egg on toast (1/2 hexb) marg (1syn)

    Snack - Alpen light bar (1/2 hexb)

    Lunch - multigrain crisps (5 syns) & l/f chilli supernoodles, fruit

    Dinner - pasta, bacon (hexb) onions, tomato passage, herbs, muller light coconut yogurt.

    Snacks - Fruit
  10. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Gone for pesto with my pasta (2.5 syns) :)
  11. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Omg went totally off on one last night!!!! Got in from work at 10.30 ate........some crispy fries then for some reason the biscuits came out!!!!! The only thing I am proud 2 say is that there r still some left & I didn't eat the whole packet!!!!! Oh well will b good today.
  12. Addibelle

    Addibelle A happy downward spiral

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    Slimming World
    Hi there. Your food diary looks really good. Lots of variety and SF.
    Nights really seem to be your only downfall, but then, apart from maybe the biscuits, you still keep the night eats well within your syns! Well done for that!

    Good luck! =]
  13. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Thank u Lilaloves. I felt a bit poo this morning after last nights binge but u have cheered me up :). X x x
  14. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Saturday - red day

    Skimmed milk tea/coffee (hexa)

    Breakfast - lean bacon, plum toms, mushrooms 'fried' egg 1 slice of toast from small loaf (1/2 hexb)

    Snack - Alpen light choc & fudge (1/2 hexb)

    Lunch - 1/2 scotch egg, L/f sausage (1syn) muller light coconut yogurt, apple

    Right today has been a right off!!! I was really good until a friends BBQ at 3pm. I have no excuses burger with cheese slice & a roll, 3 sausages, a few crisps, small piece of choc cake, small bag of galaxy bites & a dairy milk small choc bar, vodka & lemonade & pimms & lemonade.......Eeeeeekkkkk I will draw a line under it & start again tomorrow. X
  15. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Start Weight:
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    SW in the main

    That is the best thing to do!! Just remember how well you have done and that you need to be able to live yr life! ;)

    Yr diary looks good and i'm sure you will do well!
    Start again in the morning and dont punish yrself!
    Do u weigh yrself at home on a certain day?? x
  16. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Hey Cal, I am really really naughty with weighing myself I tend to do it almost every day!!! I have made a decision this morning though that I am going to pack the scales away till next Sat :) X
  17. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Thank u for your kind words of support too. X
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  19. Cai

    Cai has a thin girl inside!

    Start Weight:
    Goal Weight:
    SW in the main
    I soooo know that feeling!
    I go to a club to weigh myself and the scales there never match mine - mine obviously dont work! But generally then head in the same direction...
    Sometimes i go thinking i have lost 4lbs to be told it's 0.5 and other times i go thinking i have STS to be told i've lost 2!!!

    Weighing myself most days kills me...i have decided that i am allowing myself 2 weigh-ins...day before my club and one other, ideally day 3 or 4...but really if i am sticking to it all week there is nothing i can do! ha ha.

    Put them away till next SAT and then update us!! x
  20. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    It so hard when they r sitting in the bathroom looking at u though, they just call for u to stand on them & that magic number might just appear!!!! Lol.

    The only option is to put them right out of sight, might even ask hubby to hide them!

    I am pleased I am not the only one addicted to weighing myself! X
  21. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Sunday - red day

    Skimmed milk for tea/coffee (hexa)

    Breakfast - 1 Weetabix (1/2hexb) banana, WW yogurt

    Lunch - chicken sandwich (hexb) Mayo (1 syn), muller light yogurt, apple, Alpen light bar (1/2 hexb)

    Snack - apple

    Dinner - thin beef steak, 2 eggs, loads of mixed veg, spicy BBQ sauce (1 syn) melon for dessert.

    Snacks - crispy fries (3.5 syns)
  22. Coz12

    Coz12 Full Member

    Just eaten 2 light cheese triangles (hexa) & going to have some crab sticks & l/f cottage cheese now :)
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