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Crackin Heartburn

Hi Vix
welcome to the heartburn club (unfortunately!) I suffer too and I have the gaviscon double action tablets and they seem to do the trick and not take me out of fat burning. Other people use other stuff - if you put a search on heartburn there was a thread on it a few weeks back and you can see what others use.
positive vibes for it to go for you - I know exactly how you feel!
Awwww! That's all you need! I am guessing it's something to do with stomach acid. Does it occur more if you smell food or think about food? I haven't suffered it on CD but I used to get it quite badly when I was heavily pregnant. I only got it after meals. Are you drinking too much water too quickly maybe so that it's coming back up mixed with your stomach acid?

Maybe you should contact your CDC and ask about taking heartburn rememdies.

Hope it eases off soon for you, hun.


Awful awful heartburn. Been getting worse over the last two days (since I went into ketosis). Can I take anything for this? Really making me miserable and, worse of all, reminding me 24/7 that I am on a diet!!

Haven't taken a thing yet - so worried about affecting weight loss...! :cry:
Hiya Jess! I'm getting on great ta chick. I have gained a stone in this past month (because of life crap) but my tum is still flat (thank goodness)! :D My fat always rests on my bum and thighs so that stone has caused me a jump from size 10 jeans to size 14 jeans. The joys of being a short-arse! Lol.

Anyway, I'm back on CD to shift that stone before I gain any more. Day 2 - eeek!

How are you after yours? What's your scar like after all this time? I'm having another couple of nips to mine at either side under local anaesthetic because it has healed too raised at the ends.

If you add me as a friend you can look at my before and after profile albums. :)


Hey Poppy - I notice you have had a tummy tuck -
I had one aswell 2 1/2 years ago
how are you getting on?


Team 1 all the way!
Gavilast is fab and def allowed because my cdc called Cambridge to check when I complained to her about it.
Spoke to counsellor and she has said gaviscon so just brought the biggest bottle they had. It woke me up last night - the worst ever. Very happy and excited at my gaviscon sitting in the kitchen....how sad!! LOL.

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