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Crave ice cream?

oooo that sounds nice!! :) i might try that soon :D
I do that with muller light chocolate sprinkled range, the orange flavour is especially yummy when frozen!


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Emm, good ideas!
Grab a cheap ice-cream maker off eBay lol we got one a few years ago for the kids! Gonna have to dust that bad boy off an crank it up!!

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I've been doing this for years, there's a bit of a trick to it!

If you don't like the big ice crystals that form in the yogurt, give the pot a good shake before it goes in and shake it every couple of hours afterwards (if possible!) it's like making ice-cream, which also needs stirring :)

Depending on your freezer you might not want to leave them in all that long, I find about 4 to 6 hours is a good time, but YMMV. If they've been in there ages, I take them out a couple of hours before I want to eat 'em so they are not rock-solid.

I love my improvised 'ice cream' !


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Wow, that's different. Will have to give it a try!
i'm very lucky i don't crave stuff that are sweet. yes i like ice cream but i mostly crave foods that are high in salt :/ fav ice cream tho is cookies n cream as well butter pecan:D
I had this tonight - Breyers Mint Chip Ice Cream - it's currently on offer in Tesco for £2.50 a 500ml tub rather than a fiver.

Genuinley didn't tell the difference from it to normal mint choc chip - it was LOVELY! it's 340 cals a tub or 170 for half a tub - worth every calorie! Going to stock up for Christmas!

Failing that when I was doing SW we used to freeze the areo/rolo/milkybar etc little tubs of mousse and eat them as ice cream.

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