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Crawling back to WW (AGAIN!)


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I wonder if I'll ever bore you guys with my constant returns every couple of months but I'm back.

For those of you who have joined since my last spate on MM, I'm Curvy_lass, I'm in my early 20s and have about 6/7 stones to lose to be within in a healthy BMI. At my heaviest I weighed 16 stones 4lb. With classes I managed to drop down to 14 stones 7lb (after 5 months of WW) but now i am back to about 15 stones 4lb so approx 14lbs lost.

I'm a perpetual dieter having tried most things (bar surgery!) but always seem to float back to WW finding that it seems to work for me.

My biggest issues is that I when I've had a good day I like to "treat" myself, I have issues with hunger (as in I never feel full!) and I am obsessed with Cola - I am seriously addicted!. I am hoping you guys will be as supportive as always - especially since I cannot afford classes anymore so sheepishly saying "hello" again.

Love to you all xxx
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Hi, i'm at your heaviest weight at the moment and i know it's really not a great feeling.

I'm starting ww on weds for the first time :D

Can't you have diet coke? there is like no calories in that...i know it's not quite the same but it's a pretty good substitute, i love pepsi max - i have it with my vodka and it's the only sugar free drink i can stand lol :D
Welcome back I must say I'm a pepsi max addict, also I have yo-yoed between diets for yrs always coming back to weight watchers I do however know this will b my last time as I have finally taken my weight by the horns and have lost the most I have ever lost and do seem to have adapted my life around my food choices which is something I have never done in the past, this could b ur time now and at least u haven't given up at least ur back on the wagon trying again and u can b successful this time, and as ever u will have all the support u need on here :) xx

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at least your back on the wagon!!! all you can do is try,,i've just discovered pepsi max,,never tasted it before till this week!!!


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If you're not a fan of diet coke, why not try Coke Zero?? Tastes exactly like Coca Cola.. But has the cals of DC!! Win win!!
Lucky for me I prefer the diet fizzy drinks to full fat ones,, regardless of being on a diet or not.. So its not so bad.. but every now n then I have a craving for "real" coke but go for Coke Zero.. Just a little tip..

Anyway, as most have said, well done on getting back on the weight loss train.. I think the majority of us are in the same boat as yerself.. Trying, giving up.. and trying again.. But we're all here to support one another and give (and get) tips from each other.. Feel free to pop by to ask a Q or just to say hi.. My mailbox is always open :D


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Ooohh pespsi max is my saviour....will have to look out for the cherry one....
I think anyone with weight to lose will always have the urge to give up and go back to old habits...I know I've done it myself a few times....the trick is getting back on track before the weight creeps up too much......welcome back, hope you get back into the swing of it again....x


I get what you say, i never feel hungry either i eat because i can, i never feel full either lol! which is why i put on weight because i dont no when to stop....

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