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I've just restarted CD, I did it for 2 weeks before and then had a lot of problems with family etc and couldn't face the diet. Now I'm in a much better place and really positive about losing weight.

I got weighed on Monday evening by my CDC and was 22st 11lb (ARRRHHHH!!!). It was more than I expected but never mind. My TOTM started on Tuesday, the day I started the diet, so I figured I wouldn't lose as much as i hoped to in my first week. I weighed myself yesterday evening (day 2) and hadn't lost anything, but didn't think too much about it. This morning (day 3) when I woke up I weighed myself again and have lost 8.5lb..... is that possible in just over 2 days?!?! My scales were the same as my CDC's. I'd been to the loo but surely not that much!!!

I know weighing daily isn't the best idea, but I have a little marker on my scales at my starting point and it cheers me up to see my weight below it every day, before i start my day. Now I'm a bit worried that there's something wrong with me! I feel like I've got flu, sore throat and headache, ache all over. I felt bad when I did it before but not this bad! I also have a very dry mouth all the time, though I drank 6 pints of water yesterday, when I woke up my lip was all cracked inside my mouth, because my mouth was bone dry.

Am I over-reacting or might I be ill???!!!
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please try again
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you retain water just before your totm so if it started the day you got weighed its quite possible that your getting rid of retained water at the same time as the water assosiated with your glycogen stores, what ever the reason its a fab loss and a great start to your first week, bet you cant wait to see how much your first weeks loss will be :)

miss jelly tot

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Well done thats fantastic. On my first attempt I lost 6lbs in the first 2 days so it is possible. Enjoy it and congratulations


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yup possible, I lost 10 lb in my first week