Crips with the sweet packs


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Just wondering whether anyone has tried making the crisps with the sweet packs rather than the soups. Yesterday I made them with the strawberry pack - they were much nicer than the ones I made with the chicken and mushroom.
Hi Debbie, I always make the crisps out of either the Chicken and Mushroom or the Vegetable packs. They are gorgeous, if you get them right they taste (to me anyway) just like the expensive hand cooked crisps you can buy from the supermarket. I'm a (well was) a crisp lover so am very pleased that they ended up so nice.

Good luck
I make banana with pepper and i absolutely love them.
Tried toffee and walnut - shudder, never again :eek:

I add sage or mixed herbs to my chicken and mushroom, then some black pepper - scrummy! :D
I think I love them so much because they have so much flavour, and in the past crisps were my major downfall so maybe it's all in the mind???

There is a thread on this site of recipes using your packs, take a look there are loads of fab ideas. I wouldn't recommend you using greese proof paper though for the crisps, just use a large plate as they stick to the paper.

It's amazing how many things you can make. So far I have got the crisps and muffins down to a fine art and now i'm venturing onto chocolate truffles!! Fab
I had crisps with half a soup pack today, yummy!!!!

How do you make truffles?
I made the muffin today and although it wasn't that bad taste wise, it didn't look like a muffin.

Are they supose to?

How do you make truffles?, has anyone made the choc fudge?
i know the crisps recipe is in the CD stickys BUT i still mess them up. had posted ages ago asking if anyone could tell me xactly how many ml of water (or teaspoons or whatever!) they use to make the crisps. i really want to make them but the recipe mentioned just isnt idiot-proof enuff for me. can one of u fab experts give me a fools breakdown of what to do please???

i'll love u forever as i LOVE crisps lol

This is what I do:

Crisps - Pop a sachet of any soup into a bowl. Add around 4 table spoons of water and mix until you get a nice smooth paste (add more water if needed). Then take a normal sized dinner plate and with a small spoon put little blobs onto the plate. use the back of the spoon to gently spread the blob into a crisp shape, not too thick but not too thin. Then pop the plate into the microwave for 1.5 mins. Scrape them off and enjoy. when they cool they should turn out really crispy.

Truffles - Mix a chocolate or choc mint pack into a really thick paste using 2 table spoons of hot water. Then fill a plate with blobs of your mixed pack. pop in the freezer for around 40 mins, when you take them out the outside should be a little bit hard and the inside should be more gooey just like a truffle.

ooo all sounds good to me. will give them a go.

thanks so much xxxx
well i tried the crisps and they came out awful. didnt go crunchy at all...just bendy :confused: will try them with the sparkling water, thank u redpam :) i seem to just be thick or missing something?

the truffles were yummy though! not a major choc fan BUT they were like a lovely treat. thanks for the recipes xxxx
i managed to get the crisps really crispy, but i think i boshed up with the flavour... Tomato.... WHOAH big mistake...

Maybe i will try with the safe chicken and vegs!

x Alli x
i especially bought a new microwave to make these crisps and they still wont work. tried the sparkling water and it did work better but i was still getting it wrong.

i admit defeat :eek:
I just made my first crisps..used vegetable soup, added a little black pepper. yummy. a little bit too salty though so i'll try a fruit sachet or a chicken next time. cheers Sue, followed that recipe and was so shocked when it worked. lol.x
u got it right first time? damn lol. i knew it was me. good recipe but im too daft. xxxx