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Crisps *Jim, dont look!*


On a mission for boobs!
Ok, I have a craving for crisps. Biscuits and crisps are my weekness!

I've kinda gone off pork crunch, and pork scratchings are starting to seem a bit salty for me.

So.... what i was wondering was, is it ok to eat, say a bag of skips, or quavers, as long as I count the carbs?

Would it kick me out of ketosis? Not that I'm part of the "peeing on sticks" parade, but you know what i mean! lol!
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No dont do it love.
Hpw about melting a little grated cheese on a baking tray - they go nice and crisp?


On a mission for boobs!
I tried that. I couldnt get them to go crispy, just went melted and burnt lol!

Just want something crunchy!
I think they would knock you out unfortunately so that is something you have to decide for yourself if you are willing to take the chance .I know i am pretty much now on maintenance but i did find when on my journey there were times when i just had to have something and i found if i had it and got straight back on plan i was ok .I would not recommend this to anyone by any means but i know me as a person and it suited me but i always got right back on track and maybe only did this once a month .One month it was for a pack of crisps but it satisfied the need and i was fine .

In saying that i am a fine one to talk in that i had a blip yesterday and ate a big chocolate eclair but i can do that and enjoy it now and not feel guilty as i know its not a slippery slope for me
I've not tried myself but I have seem people make "Meat crisps" I.e. taking slices of ham etc and cooking them in the oven so they go crispy..

Absolutely no idea how they taste though lol!


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Hmm might try to cheese crisps. Thanks Vicky.

Clairecat it's up to you. If you really have a bad craving then why not play around with some different veg and salt them lightly to see if they work for you rather than the potatoey ones? I haven't done it, just thought it might be fun to try and at least distract you a bit maybe until the cravings passed :)
the pee brigade will accept no responsibilty for people eating crisps !! xx


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orrrr...i made some crisps with turnip they were ok ??? or if its crispiness you want how boat some mim toast or some celery :D ha ha


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I made the cheese crisps last night. They were delicious!


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This is the carb police!!! Put down the crisps and back away!

please come and visit me.

i confess!

i had the worst day ever yesterday!!
not since i started this in september have i caved like this!!!
very stressfull day at work....chocolate biscuits available......you can guess the rest.

back on course today, grr to yesterday!!!!
Hope things are better for you today taz! :) x


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yey cokes :)

Oh marty big carb free hugs xxx


On a mission for boobs!
Might have to try those cheese crips again. I melted mine in the micro last time and I couldnt get them off the grease proof paper! lol! And they certainly wernt crispy.

I've got a silicone baking sheet so will try it later.
Mmmm cheese crisps! Gotta give those a go too! x


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Think I'm gonna try the cheesy lolly pop version....ie same way of cooking, just stick a cocktail stick in before it crisps....

Anyone tried making the celeriac crisps?


On a mission for boobs!
Cant say I have. Sounds like a good idea, but, theres just no way in hell im going to attempt to slice it that thin! lol!

Hate cutting the damn stuff into chunks, let alone anything else! :p

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