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Critical Parent

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
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How on earth do I deal with my Mother?

She was always the critical parent, she used to say 'why are you eating that' or 'who's is that?' (when she spotted something in my fridge/cupboard.)
At family parties she'd say 'don't you think you've had enough'.
When on holiday with her I resorted to eating chocolate in my room to stop the comments!
One day she even showed me a newspaper that had a story of a 40 stone women.
So as you can imagine I became the rebellious child.
Now she's telling everyone I'll lose all the weight & then I'll put it straight back on!
At the weekend she said 'how's the diet going', I told her I'd lost 2 stone, she said 'doe's it make you irritable?'
There was no 'well done' or any positive comments.
I know she loves me & probably thinks she's trying to help.
Has anyone else had to deal with this or anything like it?
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Gone fishing
I guessed you've told her how you feel? If not. Try again, cos it doesn't seem to be getting through.

After that, you can just say 'you're doing it again;)' with a wink.

She's obviously concerned about you, but went about it the wrong way :( You need to have a big chat. Best of luck!


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CP i had the same issue with my father he was always very critical any diet i was on and if i lost 3lbs it was why not six ! i also had the are you sure you should be eating that !!
when i started LL and cd last time he only once told me how proud he was of me but it didnt spur me on to lose the rest even though id lost nearly 7 stone i went on to put it back on there are many miles between me and my father dont see him that often when i saw him in oct he asked if i was on a diet and i proudly said NO ! im back on cd now went down couple of weeks ago didnt tell hm i was on cd as came off it that weekend and didnt mention my weight either am off down in 8 weeks to go on holiday want him to see a difference my step mother is balttling with her weight since giving up smoking thats why he may be a bit more considerate with me who knows sorry to ramble but just wanted to let you know that i know what your going through i know its hard but try to ignore her and stick with it xxxxxx
Cherry Plum,

I have the exact same thing with my mum. You're right they do it because they care but with my mum I also think it is to bring attention to herself, she can't help herself. I've recently had 2 unsuccessful cycles of IVF, asked her not tell anyone and of course the whole world knows. Started LL and she had told everyone I am on it despite me asking her not to. I know people will look at me and think god she should go on a diet but as LL is a fairly drastic diet I'd rather people didn't know unless I tell them in order to avoid the comments like the one I got from mums friend yesterday " well you must have loads to lose to do something so drastic, can you not just get of your a**e and do some exercise" I nearly swiped her with the bicycle pump I was holding having just cycled the 5 miles to my mum... this is a woman who drove the 300 yards from her house to my mums!!

Despite my mum telling everyone I'm on the diet, she hasn't and won't tell me she is proud of me or anything along those lines. I've realised that I am not waiting for her approval anymore, I'm going to do this and do this well!!

Good Luck hon - if you ever want a mum rant - you know where I am!!

Cherry Plum

One day at a time
S: 15st12lb C: 15st12lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Thanks everyone it all helps.
'Soon to be slim' I'll hold you to that offer, because I know it wont be the last comment from my mum!

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