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crohns disease

C: 20st12lb BMI: 53.7
Hi Hun. Just saw your post and thought I'd reply sorry it's late. How is your daughter coping? Crohns is a silent illness and many people really don't take it seriously unless you know someone suffering. My mum suffered with it for as long as I can remember. It made her life hell. She dropped so much weight she went down to 6/7 stone. She couldn't go out without planning ahead. Taking pills and not eating. She was really poorly with it. Please try to help your daughter carry on with a normal life. My mum lost half her life as she was scared to go out incase she needed a loo. I would call in every morning before work and not knowing if she was in bed due to the pain she had from it. Even had a few visits in hospital due to the pain. Just over 3 years ago they finally convinced her to have the op. The removed what was needed and she had a bag put on which she would never have off. We was so happy that she would be able to lead a normal life. My mum was 61 years young and weighed 6.5 stone at the time of the op. Smoked like a chimney too. She suffered many set backs in hospital and spent 6 months in there. When she got better phenomena took over. She couldn't walk due to being in bed so long so took weeks to get better. Finally she got well enough to learn to walk with the help of a frame but it stopped the phenomena. She was due to come home the night before she was rushed in for emergency op. There was a blockage inside were the bag was attached which had become infected. She never woken up from that op :0( passed away 3 days later. I believe it was my mums health that stopped her from fighting infections. Which finally took her life. At first I blamed it on having the bag fitted. If she never had it done she would be with us. But she never had a life due to the crohns.

It's jus took me 5 minutes to decide if to post this as its not meant to scare you. I want people to realise jus how serious the disease is. It didn't end my mums life. Infection did that what helped it along was the state crohns got her body in. Doctors admitted that if mum was healthier,weighed more and didnt smoke then she may be alive. As she would have been strong enough to fight infections.

Please drum into your daughter how important it is to stay healthy. I know it's hard with having to not eat certain foods. Don't smoke. Take any medication offered. Try herbal too? (check with doctor) And don't let it ruin her life like it did my mums.

Sorry if this wasn't the reply you was hoping for sxxxx

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