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Cruising on Dukan

OK, so starting Dukan tomorrow.
I've tried different diets in the past, but always gave up. So I hope I can stick with it this time.
I've always loved this forum for support, and there seem to be a lot of you doing Dukan.
I hope this diary will keep me motivated.

I've bought lots of seafood and chicken for tomorrow, so I'm all set! Luckily, I love eating seafood. I could eat it all day.
I'm also planning to eat all day long, rather than have breakfast, lunch and dinner. I'm just going to snack all day.
The book recommends that as well. To just eat as much as you want, whenever you feel like it.
So I'll see how that goes. I'll keep an eye on my weight every day. And hopefully I'll be able to post a great weightloss by Monday.
Wish me luck!
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Welcome :)

Regarding the seafood - I love the excuse to regularly buy salmon and king prawns now too!

Make sure you have your oatbran ready - Good luck and keep us updated!


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Hey! Good luck on Dukan, I hope you enjoy it, Attack is a slog but it's only for a few days and the weight should melt away!

Make sure you drink plenty of water too! Do you have Holland & Barrett stores? They sell oatbran and everything is buy one get one half price at the moment. If all else fails, order over the internet! :D
Sainsburys sell Mornflake oatbran, it's in the cereal section in a bright orange tube, Tesco sell their own range of oatbran again in the cereal section.

Most health food shops carry it, like Coco says Holland & Barratt, Julian Graves, etc.

You shouldn't start the diet without it as it's a really intrinsic ingredient and it's also really good - you'll grow to love it, especially when you make Dukan pancakes, muffins, breads, etc. with it!

If you're set on starting tomorrow, make sure you get some during the day :)
We don't have Sainsbury's or Julian Graves in Ireland.
We do have Holland & Barret, but in Dublin. Never seen it in my town.
I'll check out Tesco tomorrow, and see if they sell it. Evergreen might as well, as that's a healthfood store.

Thanks for the encouragement :D
Well, halfway through day 1 so far. Not finding it too hard yet.
I think it's 'cause I took what the book said to heart, to overeat on the first day :p
So far I had 2 hard boiled eggs, half a chicken breast, some prawns and some crab sticks.
I don't even think it's that much, but I haven't really been hungry so far.

This morning when I left for work, I thought: how is this going to keep me going all day?
But so far it's going good :D


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How tall are you SF? Can you update your stats?
Hi Jasna,

I also find that I'm not particularly hungry on this diet either... just make sure to keep eating your protein and you'll do really well!!

Had a quick peek at the scales this morning, and I lost 1,7lbs in one day. Very happy with that, as on TFR I only lost 5lbs in the first full week too, as I had already dieted so much before.
So 1,7lbs in 1 day, I would also lose on TFR, and I'm actually allowed to eat!
I also didn't exercise yesterday :(
Weather is HORRIBLE at the moment! I did want to go on my WII Fit yesterday, but I ended up being home really late from work.
I'm starting my Jillian Michaels 30-day shred tonight. I think that will more than make up for not doing the 30 minutes yesterday ;)
Menu for yesterday:
Two hard boiled eggs
1 chicken fillet
1 tin of prawns (drained)
1 pack of crab sticks
half a pack of seafood mix
1 gallette (more like goo)
half a pot of fat free yoghurt (whatever was left from what I used in the gallette)

Menu plan for today:
1 gallette
1 hard boiled egg
1 pack of crab sticks
half a pack of seafood mix
1 jar of mussels (drained)
1 piece of cod
Brilliant start then Jasna!!

I had that problem with the galette at first... it was just nasty!! However there is a recipe in the recipe section that is brilliant! I cant remember what the thread is called... but it tells you to leave the galette in the pan on the heat for about 10 minutes before even attempting to turn it over! I followed those instructions to the letter, and it turned out perfectly!!

let me know how you get on!!

Yes, I tried that. Unfortunately I don't have a non-stick pan. My pan's a bit old and you can tell I scraped off the non-stick bit a while ago!
I need to invest in a new one.
I did try it in the oven this morning and it came out a bit less sticky, but still as goo.
Doesn't matter. Still tastes nice :p
Hopped on the scales this morning and lost another 1,5lbs :D
Going good so far!

Plans for today:
1 hard boiled egg
half a pack of seafood sticks
half a pack of shrimp
1 galette
1 piece of chicken fillet
1 piece of cod

I might not eat it all. I didn't eat everything I planned yesterday either


** Chief WITCH **
Seafood sticks are limited to 8 per day and are full of sugar so if you can find something better, and keep them for emergencies, all well and good.

When do you move to Cruise?
Seafood sticks are limited to 8 per day and are full of sugar so if you can find something better, and keep them for emergencies, all well and good.

When do you move to Cruise?
Oh really??? Didn't know that, thanks!
I've been eating LOADS! Thankfully I still lost weight. I'll dial back on them so.

Moving into cruise on Monday. Doing Attack for 5 days like the book says, so finishing that on Sunday


** Chief WITCH **
If you're desperate for veg/salad (and/or get constipated!), feel free to cut your attack to three days (or four if you must). At your weight, no need to do five. He's changed his advice since writing the book particularly for those not overly overweight.

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