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Cry cry cry

Someone just called me chubby.

I'm pretty upset actually. I know I have lost 2st and thats not a huge achievement to what some people have lost but I was just finally starting to feel alright about myself again (as I havnt done for years) and someone called me fat and chubby. Im devistated and could cry right now but trying not to.

Trying to not let this one comment get me down and going to try and use it as a 'boost'.

Why are some people so crule!?
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I want to be fitter again
Oh Sarah
that is such a wicked comment. It is important to remember that we seldom remember the positive comments but always forever and a day remember the bad ones. Humour me and remember "YOU HAVE DONE BRILLIANTLY AND 2 STONE LOSS IS MASSIVE " You have lost over 18% of your body weight. You can always loose some weight if you wish but they can't loose their personality that easily so they will be old and lonely one day. Keep smiling and remember you are worth more than a throw away comment xxxx
Hang on.. what?? I can see your stats, can see how tiny you must be. And I'm pretty sure I've seen pics you've posted of you recently where you looked AMAZING! Were they wearing a bag over their head? Were they squinting when they looked at you?

No way you are chubby. Who on earth said that? Don't let some stupid comment knock you down.

You've done fantastically well and I'd say that person is either jealous or an idiot - probably both!

Oooh that has made me mad! Thought we'd be over school style teasing at our age - obviously not :(


Wishing and hoping!
2 stone is a bloody good achievement, it is very difficult to let someones judgement get to you. But it is just opinion and you have the choice to accept it or not. sadly, we don't have the control of others and people can be extremely nasty! All you can do is control your self :D huggies


Cute, but psycho!
2 stones is a huge achievement honey and you know it is!!

Please, please, try not to let some ignorant person spoil your success for you xx

Not that it matters, but what was the context - were they trying to be mean or was it a throw away comment that they might not have realised would cause you this distress?

Please stay strong and don;t let this upset you any more xxxx


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Oh that's so cruel. Why do people say things like that... was it a male? If so he's probably trying to boost his ego and compensate for his small manhood! If it was a female, I would hazzard a guess at jealous. Either way they don't know what they'e on about... you've done sooo well don't let them get to you. {{{Hugs}}} xxx
Julie, yeah it was a comment from a male and he knew darn well it would hurt me, hence saying it. I can confirm though that it wasnt my OH that said it.

Im angry this morning, how DARE he say that to me! You lot are all right, he is probably just a jealous idiot. Ha, stuff him!
Julie, yeah it was a comment from a male and he knew darn well it would hurt me, hence saying it. I can confirm though that it wasnt my OH that said it.

Im angry this morning, how DARE he say that to me! You lot are all right, he is probably just a jealous idiot. Ha, stuff him!
You go girl!!


Champion actifryer
Sarah-Jayne how on earth can you be chubby? You weigh about the same as me and you're 4 inches taller! I don't consider myself "chubby". OK I'll never be skinny, but I don't want to be - I'm proud to be curvy. I expect some people even consider Posh Spice to be "chubby"!


Bears dont dig on dancin'
How spiteful of him. Next time you see him ignore him totally then say "well it's obvious I'm getting smaller, but that horrid personality of yours isn't going anywhere...figured i'd treat it like a bee, ignore it and it might go away!" Lol. Sorry I thought this through far too much. Stick to plan 100% and you'll feel better xxx
Sarah-Jayne, the bloke is an arse. 2 stone is fantastic, can't wait to get there. Is he in need of loosing weight? Wears glasses? Or is there another fault apart from his personality that needs fixing? If he needs a diet, drop a SW mag on his desk or when you see him next say "You may find this useful", if he wears glasses either buy him some glass cleaner and say "think you're glasses need cleaning as you can't seem to see clearly" or whatever else there is to fix about him. this would make him feel small and hopefully help him think before he speaks next time.

Seems that no matter whet we do there's always someone out there who wishes to put us down. Dust yourself off and carry on with the hard work you're doing as you really are doing a fantastic job and remember who you are doing this for, YOU. Good luck higs and kisses for you xoxoxoxoxoxoxox
Hun...take no notice, obviously this petty childish man knew what would hurt you the most....2 stone is a fantastic achievement regardless of how much you have to loose in total.
You are stunning and above all that rubbish.
Hugs for you.


Bears dont dig on dancin'
Nah forget the glasses cleaner, i'd go all out and cut out an add from a mag for a penis enlarger and give him that, using the line "this should help inflate your ego" but make sure enough people are listening lol. Xx
2 stone is fantastic, and he's just jealous about you feeling great that he wanted to put you down.

Don't let him and just know you have done a fantastic job and it's him with the problem!

He is jealous jealous jealous.... simple as that.
Dont show him you are upset, thats what he wants.
The best way to get revenge on this guy.????
Is hold your gorgeous head up high and be proud of yourself...
little weasles like that love to put people down, it makes them feel big and important....
he must be an ugly little tiny man....

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