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  1. Cupcake29

    Cupcake29 Full Member

    Hi Everyone :)

    Well I have decided enough is enough and I need to do something about my weight!
    I have recently given up sw as I was getting so bored with it (although did lose 2 stone however have since put 8 lbs of that back on!!!)
    I know ww works as I have done it in the past.
    So today is day 1 :) I have 8 weeks until I go on holiday and really want to make a good dent in my weight loss.
    I have a lot of weight still to lose (probably about 3/4 stone to get to a healthy bmi however I will never be a size 8 and to be honest I would be over the moon being a nice size 14)

    I am really hoping having a diary will help me stay in control, I am such an all or nothing person and am either 100% on track or 100% off it!
    I am hoping to cook more from scratch and try not to think about food as much as I do!

    Wish me luck (I think I'll need it!!!)

    Cupcake x
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  3. Cupcake29

    Cupcake29 Full Member

    Day 1

    Breakfast - fruit (I never eat breakfast so this is progress!)

    Lunch - Warbie thin with ham, yoghurt, hoops and crosses and a little chocolate biscuit 11pp

    Dinner - Tomato and sausage pasta bake 14pp

    Snacks - biscuits (mini pack) fruit and yoghurt 4pp

    I've also had 2 cups of green tea but will have another later :)

  4. Cupcake29

    Cupcake29 Full Member

    Well day 1 is nearly done! I was very close to finishing off my husbands bag of jam doughnuts earlier but some how I resisted :)
  5. seadie

    seadie Full Member

    Well done Cupcake - keep up the good work x
  6. lisa2

    lisa2 Silver Member

    Well done on day 1 :)

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  7. Cupcake29

    Cupcake29 Full Member

    Oh dear! Day 2 is not so good (in fact awful!!!) 62 pp consumed today!!!!! :(
  8. seadie

    seadie Full Member

    Oh dear. Draw a line and carry on, thats the best thing to do. Dont write off the rest of your day - just try to eat healthy. Hopefully you will be able to claw some of it back. xx
  9. Laurenm10

    Laurenm10 Full Member

    hello :) here to follow! don't worry about your second day! that's why weeklies come in handy! :)

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