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Curlywurly is venturing over......and wants to stay slim forever more!!!!


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I will introduce myself most know me as curlywurly but my name is Marissa.. Im 33 and have been doing cd since February 11...

I started and two days after my brother started and between us we have lost over 12 stones so far!!! We have become so much closer over the last 5 months and have been there to support each other he has done so well and I am sooooo proud of him..

A bit of history..When I was younger I was skinny, then I got fatter and before I met my husband I got slim.. and then got comfy.....
I have PCOS so when I came off my pill weight piled on .. lots of problems trying ttc.....
IVF....... a gorgeous boy.... 4 months after pregnant again (a lovely surprise)...... never lost the weight.. and stayed fat .. 15 stone 0.5 pounds..

My parents are obsessed with weight so used to go on at me upset me more..... and then got to a stage hated myself ...... and knew it was time to start....... 3 phonecalls to my cdc Sharon .. 3 cancellations as kept putting it off and then eventually started..

I have not looked back since......... I now have 6 pounds to my original target but I know I want to be at least another say 8 pounds of that!!

SO here I am going on and on and on.. I have just started 1000 step well last thurs....... Its a bit scary.....
I am probably not having as much as I should..... but I am gradually getting there......


Breakfast - museli (dry) & some straweberries and grapes.....

So far 2 litres of water..

Thanks if you read this......... I will be around now... I am a little obsessed with minis it really has helped me get through my journey..

Bye for now Marissa x
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Yay..... I'm so happy you're here and sarting 1000 today. I've just been with my cdc and I'm staying on 1000 now till I'm at goal.

We're all in this together. 1000 is fab and it feels great to be eating regular food again. You'll love it I'm sure.

So a giant welcome to maintenence hun xxx


Cambridge Consultant
Thanks so much hon for your welcome, and good luck with 1000 step...... I started it on Thursday so getting used to it kind off......
Hope your having a good day x


Stubborn tortoise
Hey Curly so good to see you over here! Welcome... your enthusiasm and support will be a fab asset to the maintenance board! You've done so well honey and should be very proud. Don't be scared of 1000... it's great, and the steps really do work. You're right, CD really does rock - and minis too!

Hey Curly!

Welcome over to the maintenance board!
You have done soo well to date, and your pics are amazing, 1000 is a great plan, although yep it does take just a little getting used to.

Wishing you all the best for the remainder of your journey xx


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You've done so well!! good luck with the 1000 step and maintainence, I'm sure you'll keep up the good work and stay slim and in control, if you want anything enough then you'll get it!!


can see the end in sight!
yay good luck marissa! you will do fabulously, i know it. only a couple of weeks until i join you on 1000, cannot wait. looking forward to reading your diary hun


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Ohhh lovely to read your story Marissa -what a pretty name you have hon!- and I just wanted to drop by and congratulate you again for how far you've come and say that I strongly believe you'll be one of the 5% who manage to keep it off forever. I truly think so!



Plod, plod, plod.....
Hi Marissa - Curly! I've read so many of your posts and found them really helpful. You've done so well and been more focussed than I have. I've just started reading/posting on maintenance as I'm moving up the plans now. 12lbs to go till goal and on 1000.
I made the mistake of not following it to the letter, but now I know I should and am aiming to get to goal in a straight line. No more meanderings!

Miss Ama, is it true that only 5% keep the weight off?


Trying to stay healthy!
Hi Marissa,
Welcome to the maintenance bit! good luck with the 1000 plan and those last few lbs!!


Cambridge Consultant
Thank you all for your lovely welcome!!!

I didnt have a shake till lunch time today, and then had a bar a few hours later..........

Tonight for dinner I had a chicken salad with mushrooms and then I had a yoghurt...

I hope Im doing ok.... I know I havent had as many carbs as I should have but I am introducing them slowly but surely......

I had a client in today at work who asked me if the secretary was still there that worked for the person he was coming to see.. I said it was me he didnt recognise me and couldnt believe I was the same person.. awwww !!!

Will be back tomorrow as at work all day!!! x
Hey Curly I am so glad you have ventured over here. You are such an inspiration and as everyone says will be a definite asset!!!

Im afaraid Ive only popped on to say welcoms as I have only just got in so will be back properly in the orning but didnt want to not welcome you today

do you know what you are so right - I feel a renewed sense of determination with us all back together now you know - I know it may sound silly but I lost my way in the middle as the people had changed on the main forum and I didnt fit into the miantenance category, but we are all back together now so you all need to DRAG me to goal! ha ha ha ha.
bet you were on top of the world in work today with the compliment and by goodness you deserved it


Stubborn tortoise
You won't need dragging Jess hon, you're racing away to goal! And Curly & Lelly are our very own CDCs, ready to keep an eye on us and offer a speedy kick up the bum if we stray... deal, Curly?


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