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Im thinking of going to the cinema on friday.

I dont know wheather or not to go to,

blood diamond

last king of scotland

night at the museum

hmm tough choice..

I've seen the highlighted ones both are excellent. You'd probably prefer Blood Diamond though as it has more action. I thoroughlly enjoyed both though.


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Ohh tough one. I'd like either Blood Diamond, or Night at the Museum. Depends on whether you want action or fun I suppose.

Or you could see one tonight, and another tomorrow night and another on Saturday night!!

Although considering the price of cinema tickets now, that's unlikely! lol

Let us know which one you see and what you think!?


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I thought NATM was really funny, a very gentle "feel good" movie.



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Went to blood diamond, fantastic film.

I think it will be an education to people to realize that diamond prices are artifically inflated.