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Curry powder is it friend or foe


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I've just been browsing some lipotrim sites and have read that I shouldn't have been putting curry powder into my chicken soup; but the friend who told me about it was told by her LT supplier. Which is correct, does anyone know, cos I don't want to jeopardise being in ketosis. :cry: Until I know for sure I will do without. Thankx :wave_cry:
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Hmmm not sure about that Fiona. I have put black pepper and smoked paprika into my soups and that hasnt had any effect... I understand that most spices are ok. Have you been using it already? And have you felt hungry afterwards? If so, then it would seem to knock you out of KT - if not then it might not affect it.

Might be a good idea to test for ketones the morning after you have had your soup, just to make sure!


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Thanks girls, I'm going to leave it out for a couple of days to see whether it makes a difference, thinking back over the last couple of weeks I have had some feelings of hunger thinking I wasn't drinking enough water, when actually I've been drinking enough to sink a battleship, lol. Also I've e:mailed LT headquarters asking the same question, and am waiting for a reply; will keep you posted. Thanks again; ps got weighed this am and have lost another 3 lb, thats 24lb in 5 weeks, very chuffed.
Hi Fiona, I hear curry powder can contain carbs which will take you out of ketosis so I haven't tryed it BUT i do use Hot Spicy powder for Chilli con carne and have used Cajun chicken spice, black pepper and other house hold spices. i couldn't have my soup without and it's fine just watch for carbs or citric acid and don't use it if it contains any!!
Any spices without are fine and really transform the soup!!

Good luck!



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When I did lipotrim 100% I used curry powder and it was fine. All spices are ok and will not knock you out of ketosis.
Some spices may not knock you out of ketosis but can make you a little hungry so try and see.

Personally, if I add curry powder to soup it makes me really hungry but if I add nutmeg to vanilla shake no problem.

My triggers are savoury rather than sweet. We are all different.

However whatever VLCD you are on I would not recommend adding anything at all until at least wk three to ensure ketosis is well and truly established.
Fiona - LT will most likely tell you 'DO NOT ADD ANYTHING TO YOUR SHAKES' - they can be very firm (to put it politley) LOL. Told me I couldnt even have green tea, not even the tiniest sip!
Hi everyone, got a reply from LT HQ this is what they said !
Curry powder is a definite no. Anything you add can make you more hungry and reduce you chances of successful weight loss and ultimately maintenance. Explained in more detail on the video.
I think I'm going to leave the curry powder for a couple of days and see how I go. I was losing a steady 5lb each week before I started putting the curry powder in, and now it has dropped to 3lb, still a good loss but I may well be hindering my weight loss. Thanks for all your support and suggestions, it's much appreciated.


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You have to do what is right for you. I personally could not stand the soup without perking it up. I added curry/chilli powder. It never made me more hungry, but I suppose we are all different. It shouldn't effect your weight loss. I think the weight loss tends to slow down a bit the further into the diet we get.

Good luck hun.
I use tabasco and curry powder and black pepper with no problems so everyone must be different I guess .....


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Been on this site from June 07 and like you all have said....the official position is no but lots of the girls have had no issues with using it....however a few have reported lower losses....its whatever works for you.....
Hi everyone, I went out and bought some Ketostix which showed that there was only a trace of ketones. Stopped putting curry powder in my soup and the amount of ketones have increased. So me is thinking that I am quite sensitive to carbs. I wonder now if my weight loss will be different next week???


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My Ketosix was never different when I added spices etc. The only time it was different was in a morning it was a deep purple, but as I drank water through out the day it was a pale pink colour by the end of the day....apparently this is normal and if it is a deep purple you are dehydrated. As long as it is a pink colour you are in ketosis....its not a case of the deeper the colour the better. That is what I've read on the CD forum anyways, but someone may correct me.

Good luck hun.
Re the Ketostix results - Shazpas you are right, in hte morning you will get a deep colour than later in the day, because as you drink more water your results are diluted. If I tested after midday I would get a negative result! Your first pee of the day is the one to test as you havent been drinknig all that water overnight. Even showing a trace means that you are in ketosis, so fear not!
Have been doing a bit of detective work with my ketostix, and have found that the concentration is more in a morning, and only a slight trace at night. I was convinced the curry powder was hindering me, but now I am certain I just had a few weeks where my losses weren't as high as others. I'm going to stick with the advice on this site, it is spot on. Thank you

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