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Curves-Ladies gym (anyone a member?)

Hi you all, i have just booked an appointment to have a look around my loacal Curves gym. I was looking online for a women's only gym because at the moment i feel so self conscious with my body and feel like i'd be more comfortable surrounded by women.
Does anyone her know much about the gym or belong themselves? I've heard you only go for 30 mins at a time 3x a week. Can you go more often than that if you want to?
I'll see how i get on tomorrow and let you all know just wanted some feedback before i go really
Lau xx
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Hi Laurie,

You can go more if you want to theres no limit on it! Ive heard of people loosing so many inches. I suppose just make sure your really into it because its a fair bit of money!
Hi Laurie,
We have curves here in the us. It is a wonderful place for ladies to go and workout. I am not a member, but I have several friends who go their and they love it and get in a good workout while visiting with other woman at the same time. Go and enjoy.... I am sure you will love it there too!
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I have no experience of curves ... but I went to a gym up North that was divided into ladies days and mens days. I went for two years, lost 6 stone and loved it. Then the management decided to merge the days so it became mixed sex ... I lasted a few weeks and stopped going.

Does anyone know how much Curves costs?

I went to Curves for about 18 months. It costs just under £30 a month and you can go as often as you like, although to start with you are recommended to have a rest in between exercise days. It is easy to fit into a working week as it is such a quick workout - instead of spending a couple of hours at the gym it's all over in half an hour. From experience though, I don't think you will lose weight without dieting - the advertising makes you believe that you will. It certainly tones you up, and it's better than doing nothing!
well i have joined up guys!
My visit went really well, got shown around it was lovely. The people were so friendly.
You have to join for a minimum of 4 months, and im hoping after that i will be a fair bit smaller and will be a lot more confident. Hopefully enough to join a real gym with pool etc.
Im really excited about the curves program, and hope that this combined with the ww diet and my dog walking will help me to lose more weight.
Woo hoo, My first day at curves is next Tues so i'll report back then to let you all know how i get on.
I got weighed, had all my measurements taken, height etc. It'll be great to see the inches falling off...well hopefully fingers crossed!
I'd been telling everyone i was 5'2" when infact im only 5'1" .... how short is that, so not fare!
Lau xxx
hey curves is going great, id recommend it to all... its hard work but with will power and determination i am doing well!
Been going for 3 weeks now, 3 times a week half an hour at a time. The staff are very friendly and always on hand.
Every month you're weighed and measured. My 1st weigh in is next Friday, not so bothered about what the scales say cos i know i've lost weight and weigh myself practically every day at home ( i know i shouldn't but i just cant help myself!) im interested in my measurement...i know i've definitely lost inches as i've had to throw 2 pairs of work trousers away!
Lau xxx


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yeah.. i was suprised cos i didnt think there would be one.. theres one in North Shields..
What kind of people do you get there? I worry so much.. esp with having so much to lose.. but i would love to go to a gym where i felt comfortable..
x x
i was worried too when i started but there is nothing to worry about at all. I have so much to lose as well i started at 20 stone 9lb and now am 19stone 4lb.
I love curves cos its only women, women of all ages sizes. No one looks at you or makes you feel uncomfortable, everyone is so friendly.
Honestly i am so self conscious i wouldnt go if i felt the teeniest bit uncomortable.
Whats more the work out is only half an hour. There are about 16 pieces of equipment in a circle you go round 2 and a half times. Curves is more about toning and losing body fat. Which is what i need. Having so much weight to lose you need to make sure you tone up cos of loose skin and that.
Why not give your local curves a call or send them an email you can arrange a look around.
Any questions just ask?
Are you doing weight watchers? How much have you lost good luck hun
Laura xxx


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im doing cambridge.. and ive lost 25lbs so far..
I prefer to do things like.. just go around the gym doing what i wanted.. not do classes.. not yet anyways.. lol..

x x


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This looks awesome but the website doesnt say anything about how much it is or owt...any ideas? When can you go, do you need to book or anything....all those silly gym questions!! :) any helo would be awesome :) <3
This looks awesome but the website doesnt say anything about how much it is or owt...any ideas? When can you go, do you need to book or anything....all those silly gym questions!! :) any helo would be awesome :) <3

hey it costs me £30 a month. If you have one local to you ring them up and ask for a tour. Or go onto Curves International - Women's Fitness Franchise and Weight Loss Program and there is a video showing you the equipment used.
You need to book your 1st app as you get shown around the machines but after that its up to you. You need to go at least 3 times a week wheneva you have a spare 30 mins! Good luck with the diet xxx

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