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Curvy Girls food diary! i no i can do it this time!!

Day one on the plan and im feelin super motivated! Have my day all planned and im hittin the gym after work, please feel free to comment or point out if im doing something wrong:D

Extra easy


Breakfast – 2 weetabix & a banana with 250ml semi skimmed milk (hexa, hexb & free)

Snack – melon (free)

Lunch – pasta with bacon & chicken mixed with 2tbsp ex light mayo & large salad (lettuce, peppers, red onion, grated carrot, cherry tomatoes, beetroot & egg) packet of French fries (free & 5.5 syns)

Snack – mandarin orange & an apple (free)

Dinner – bacon, egg, beans, mushrooms & tomatoes with sw chips (free)

Total – 5.5/15 syns
Saved – 9.5

(trying to keep some throughout the week as going to a concert on sat night and will be having a few drinks:D)
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yeah i have frylight (couldnt live without it lol) and have synned 1.5 for 2tbsp for ex light mayo (its in one of the magazine i have) i have it marked in brackets beside my food :)xxx
Hehe 4 for French fries (out of multipack) and 1.5 for mayo :), aw its great i don’t think i cud cook with anything else either now! ur weight loss is amazin well done :)xxx
Thanks! Nearly there...I did want to lose a bit more but I can't lose too much or else I won't fit into the bridesmaids dress I have to wear later this year. But I'm happy as I am...just need to lose my few xmas pounds!

How much are you planning on losing? xx
ur doin fab! i want to lose 3st just hopin i can do it! so uncomfortable at this weight!xx
Day 2 and goin well :)


Extra easy

Breakfast – bacon, egg, 2 slices nimble, mushrooms & tomatoes (free hexb)

Snack – strawberry shape yoghurt and pineapple grapes & kiwi (free)

Lunch – batchelors chicken & mushroom pasta n sauce, apple & an orange (free)

Snack – French fries (4 syns)

Dinner – sw spaghetti Bolognese with mushrooms peppers & onion, 28g cheddar sprinkled on top & slice garlic bread (free hexa & 5 syns)

Total – 9/15
Saved – 6
Total saved – 15.5
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Yeah thats happened to me before!!lol i jus stand over it now n watch it lol xx
Day 3


Extra easy

Breakfast – 2 slices nimble with tsp butter & banana – (free hexb & 2 syns)

Snack – apple, banana & 2 mandarin oranges (free)

Lunch – sw spaghetti Bolognese (left over from last nights dinner, yum!) (free)

Snack – shape yoghurt & packet of French fries (free & 4 syns)

Dinner – steak with onions mushrooms, bisto gravy, sw chips seasoned with chilli & garlic, side salad & corn on the cob (free & 2 syns)

Snack – kit kat (5.5syns)

(250ml semi skimmed milk used for coffee throughout day – hexa)

Total – 13.5/15
Saved – 1.5
Total saved – 17
Hey everyone:)! Well its Monday again.. booooooo :(lol haven’t been on over weekend as my internet isn’t working at home yet, so gonna update now, had a great weekend and didn’t go off track, hopin for a loss on Tuesday :) :)


Green day

Breakfast – 2 slices nimble with tsp golden cow & a banana (free hexb & 2 syns)

Snack – orange & mullerlight (free)

Lunch – sw chips seasoned with chilli & garlic (free)

Snack – Β½ large bag of tayto cheese & onion – 25 syns?? (was at a concert with a friend, had 39.5 syns saved from wed until sat to cover this)


Green day

Breakfast – 2 slices of nimble wit egg and beans (hexb free)

Snack – French fries & a kit kat (9.5 syns)

Lunch – chicken & mushroom pasta & sauce (free)

Snack – 2 mandarin oranges (free)

Dinner – chicken breast with sw chips seasoned with chilli & garlic, 28g cheddar, red onion, cucumber & 2 tbsp extra light mayo (free hexb hexa & 1.5syns)

(250ml semi skimmed milk – used for coffee throughout day – hexa)

Total – 11/15 syns


Extra easy

Breakfast – 2 weetabix with 250ml semi skimmed milk & banana (free hexb hexa)

Snack – grapes, mandarin orange, apple & shape yoghurt (free)

Lunch – chicken&mushroom pasta n sauce with side salad, mullerlight yoghurt & tayto advantage crisps (free & 5 syns)

Dinner – sw homemade burgers (with extra lean mince) served with side salad, fresh pineapple & sw chips seasoned with chilli & garlic with tbsp thousand island dressing (free & 2.5 syns)

Snack – tayto advantage – (5 syns)

Total – 12.5/15 syns :)
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Aaarrggggghhh weigh in 2nte and im soooo nervous! :( So proud of myself that iv completed the first week without cheating.. :D :D so here goes todays food diary...


Green day

Breakfast – 2 weetabix with 250ml semi skimmed milk – (hexa hexb)

Snack – shape yoghurt, apple & orange (free)

Lunch – 2 slices 400g wholemeal bread with 28g cheddar & red onion & a roast chicken mugshot (free hexa hexb)

Snack – tayto advantage crisps (5 syns)

Dinner – sw chips with egg & beans (free)

Snack – tayto advantage & 2 rich tea (9 syns)

Total – 14syns :)
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Well week 2 and im still feelin motivated which is great! Have to say i feel so much better now that im eatin properly.. :D


Green day

Breakfast – 2 Slices 400g wholemeal bread, scrambled egg & beans (hexb & free)

Snack – grapes, strawberries & an orange (free)

Lunch – tomato & herb pasta n sauce, strawberry mullerlight & tayto advantage crisps (free 5 syns)

Dinner – baked potatoes with 28g cheese & side salad & 2 tbsp ex light mayo (free hexa 1.5syns)

Snack – 2 slices 400g loaf wholemeal with tsp spread & a banana (hexb free & 2 syns) 4 midget gyms sweets 1.5syns

(250ml semi skimmed milk – used for coffee throughout the day – hexa)

Total – 10/15
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I lost 2.5lb, expected more but hey better than nothing xx
Yep very true xx

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