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Curvygirls last food diary!

well thought it would be a good idea to keep a food diary on here so i can keep track of what im eating and so that others can point out if im doing something wrong :D will keep it mon-fri as i dont have access to a computer over weekend as my laptop is broken..2nte will be my 4th weigh in, iv lost 6lb in 2 weeks, last week was 3rd week but as i was moving house i missed class, had a dreadful week, fell off plan during to moving etc so im expecting a pretty big gain 2nte :eek: but im drawing a line under it and moving on :) and starting afresh 2mro :D
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Looks like you're doing great to me chick! Hope you have a great result at WI tonight xxx
Thanks chic im defo gona gain 2nte with movin and missing weigh in last week its been a baaddddd week :( aw well im not dwelling on it! will let u no the outcome :D xxx
Well went to weigh in last night and iv gained 2.5lb but on the upside i was expecting a lot more so in a way im not too disappointed :D today is a fresh new week and im determined to have a good loss next week :D

Extra easy

Breakfast – sachet of oatso simple original porridge with 150ml on the one milk with some sweetner – hexb & part hexa

Snack – orange & banana – free

Lunch – (stuffed from porridge!)so pineapple & coconut & chocolate mullerlight – free

snack - digestive - 3 syns

Dinner – out with girls for tea (wasnt anything really sw friendly on menu so went for chilli beef pitta pocket with salad and garlic fries) flexi synned this evening :D

Total syns - 30-40
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So Friday is here at least yiipppeeee :D hope everyone has a great weekend :D


Breakfast – 3 egg omelette with chillies, chicken & mixed peppers – free

Snack – alpen light bar – part hexb

Lunch – 2 baked potatoes with beans & side salad, pineapple, mandarin orange & strawberry mullerlight – free

Snack – carrot sticks – free

Dinner – (off to mums for dinner but shes assured me it will be syn free :D)
Snack – hifi light bar – part hexb

*250ml semi skimmed milk used for coffee throughout day* hexa
Syns – 0 (out 2mro night for drinks so need to cut back)

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