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Cutest pics...?

Are you the kind of pet owner (like me) who carries a camera round with you just incase you get a perfect cute shot of your pets?
I think you should share them.. hehe..
Loadsa love..
Cat x x

This is my Kitty hanging out in the sink (if it works.. never done this before).. x x x
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SO cute! I take squillions of pics of my pets (2 cats - Tiger & Jynx and a dog - Pepper). Must transfer them to the PC!
Awww - he's cute - and has a really cute name!! lol
just been hunting for pics now.. hehe.. this is my chinchilla.. shes deeeead nosey..
and my other kitty othello.. hes so lazy.. like.. reaaaally.. hes about 6.. but we dont know since he came from someoine else who didnt want him..
x x


yeah.. i backup the idea of shelter cats/kittens.. you see all these people paying loads of money for predagree cats.. and to be honest.. the ones who need the homes the most are the shelter ones.. Ive barred myself from my local shelter cos i go in and talk to the animals.. but i cry when i come out cos i cant understand why anyone could get rid of their pets.. its sad..
Macbeth (the one in the sink) ive only been looking after for a weekish.. but i found him outside my backdoor lying collapsed in the snow.. i rang around all the shelters.. no one had reported him missing.. and he looked very poorly.. so we took him to the vets.. and he said because of the way he looked.. and his injuries.. his previous owners had kicked him and beaten him.. and then obv just dumped him.. and hes such a lovely natured cat.. he comes and gives me kisses all the time.. and he purrs constantly.. so im kind of wanting to keep him.. but workign out if i can afford to keep him.. but i just love him so much.. and he gets on so well with my other cat (othello).. and he comes up to you and strokes you with his paw.. the same way i stroke him.. like.. sooo cute..!
x x
AWW! Right, here are my lovlies. ALL RESCUED BABIES!!! Sorry about the size of the pics :D:D

Hmm - can't get the hang of this .... pic too small!


Ok, from the top!
1st pic: Harvey (black) and Flint (grey)
Harvey was from the cat shelter and he is 6. Slightly nervous but will hold a conversation - even over the phone!!
Flint/flinty was found in a sewer pipe in singleton park swansea. We brought her home, she seemed around 6 months old and that was 4 years ago. She loves shiny things and being sang to

2nd pic - Oscar, the best cat that ever lived. He was born to a cat that was dumped on us by a horrible neighbour. He would jump up to shoulder height for hugs, and loved sneaking into bed with me. He died in 2004 at the age of 13 from throat cancer - saddest day ever.

3rd pic - bagpuss. Now what a manky cat. HE waltzed into my brothers house one day and never left. Was obviously in a bad condition. He is blind in 1 eye, mostly deaf, had a terrible infection in his mouth which made him smell (cleared up thanks to the vet, but was well expensive) and he is MOODY! He bites the back of my brothers legs which is hillarious, and he loves to wake me up by licking my chin. He's such a lovely boy, ok very moody, but so loving and cuddly. Also, he is MASSIVE!

Next 3 pics - Schumi. He is 4 years old, brother of alonso (to come) and they were from the cat shelter. He is a lovely cat, he is always snuggling up to someone and sulks when my mother goes on holidays - actually gives her stinking looks for days after her return. In the photo of him watching telly, well he's named after michael schumacer and the driver on telly is michael! You can tell by the red helmet (ok, F1 fan here!!) That picture isnt photoshopped, schumi loves watching the cars move fast on the screen

7th pic: Black and white cat is Alonso, you can just see schumi through a "window" in the box, and that is bagpuss not being happy about his new housemates!! They were only like 8 weeks old, although baggy is huge he aint that much of a monster!

8th pic: Schumi licking Alonso - brotherly love!! They always snuggle up to each other!

9th pic: Ickle baby alonso sleeping. This cat has the biggest attitude in the world, but at heart he loves his mam and always looks for attention

Harvey and Flinty live with my sister, Baggy is with my brother and Schumi and Alonso are with my mam. I'll soon be taking over Harvey and Flinty cos my sister is moving to swansea and she wants to be settled before they move in. Then, my intention is to go to the cat shelter and get a few old lady cats to give them a good few years of life before they die.

That was a long post!!
Flint is
wow.. i love it.. i love how you would do that.. shelter cats and abandoned cats.. (and random other pets) are the best way.. esp ones who probably arent that young and often get overlooked.. my black cat othello.. or othee.. the owner he had was a girl.. and it used to be her bfs.. they broke up.. and he never came back for the cat.. n she was moving so she couldnt have him.. dont think she was bothered.. she never comes to see him or asks how he is.. and he can be a bit tempermetal.. he can bite.. and take a swipe at you.. hes ok with us now.. but when he went on holiday to his grandmas.. (not ireneH).. he bit his brother.. lol.. but thats ok.. cos i dont like this brother.. :)..
but Macbeth is not like that at all.. hes so placid.. but very fun when it comes to playtime..
x x
Okay I have just stumbled across this forum and being a crazy cat woman at only 22 I thought I would contribute!

This is my beautiful cat Archie. He is about 2 years old and looks a lot like a Norweigan Forest Cat although obviously we don't know because he was from the RSPCA. He is a bit mad and has only once brought in a 'present' that was actually dead (and I have a feeling it may have died of natural causes before he brought it in lol). He likes to sleep on your face and when he's really happy he dribbles all over you. He also doesn't really know how to pad when he's happy so he just ends up marching up and down without his claws out lol.

yeah.. they're brill.. i put a few in a thread in the general weight loss discussion bit.. im so addicted to that website.. lol
x x x


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