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cyst in vagina

ok so im freaking out ever so slightly i think after jade goody we all take things seriously now!

right recently, valentines day to be exact i got a bad dose of thrush anOk im am a 22 year old female and over the past say 5/6 weeks ive noticed that my urine is much stronger in colour and generally quite orange. it has also been cloudy. i havent been drinking alot of water so i started to drink more. then a week and a half ago i experienced thrush like symptoms including itching, red vulva and discharge except discharge was more of a grey than white. i then got some cream in the chemist but i didnt apply it enough and a week ago the infection seemed to have set in further. the itching was not as sever on the outside but literally over in the space of a few hours the inside of my vagina became so swollen to the point that the walls were touching one another. i rang my doctor and described my symptoms as i could not go to the doctor the day this occurred and he said it sounded like thrush and prescribed me a pill and another cream. now while the soreness is much better as is the itch, the inside of my vagina is still closed and swollen and on examining it today i can feel a spot or lump of some sort on the walls quite far inside the vagina.i would examine it further only it hurts to put my fingers in as it is so swollen. im home friday and im due a smear next month anyway. i have booked a checkup with my gp for friday but i would just like some feedback as im worried. i am sexually active in a relationship but havent had sex in 6 weeks due to distance and now this. generally we use a condom but on occasion we have had unprotected sex. i was tested for hpv and cervical cancer a year ago through a smear and i have never had unprotected sex before my boyfriend. so anyway i went to the doctor the end of february who did an examination (not a smear) took a swab and blood tests all of which came back clear including of stds.he said he thought it was a cyst and he gave me loads of antibiotics which worked while on them. ive had sex once in the past few 2 months so i hardly think its because of sex. basically it didnt go and i rang my doc who said he'd try another set of antibiotics and if not id have to go to a gynaecologist to have it drained. anyway needless to say it didnt work and today its quite sore (prob cos i was poking to feel for swelling) anyway not much as changed and im going to the doc again on tue to see whats up. just wondering if anyone experienced anything similar?
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