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D*mn it, I ~DID~ fit in my dress!!!!! :o) I'm now married!! Report & pics included!


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So I've ummed and aahed as to whether to do a diary.. I've just read Nic's diary though and it's been such an inspiration to me, I've decided to do one after all!

I'm doing the CD, on day 6 today, really looking forward to my first weigh in tomorrow morning!! I've decided to do the 790 plan, how you girls stick to ss I dont know, I have so much respect for you... I've found this week easier as I think I've been able to eat a meal each day, plus it's more discreet for me to get away with it at work.. I'm a midwife/nurse and the unit I work on is very close-knit.. There are often doctors in our staff room with us at breaks and everyone really knows everyone and, as much as I know it would be well meaning, I think I'll get a lot of concern from people at work over the CD.. And, in honesty, I think I would have been the same if someone else at work was doing it - I was concerned enough that my mother was doing it (which is how I heard of CD) but now I understand it a little more! So have decided, as we work 12.5 hour shifts, if I have a drink at lunchtime and some salad in the evening I'll get away with it for longer!! I'm also seeing my CDC next thurs and I'm going to get some bars too, will be even more discreet!!!

So, how have the first 6 days been?

Really good!! We got back from eurodisney the day before I started and had found it difficult to eat well while we were there, nightmare!! But, on the bright side, neither h2b or I even want to ~look~ at anything even remotely unhealthy so probably good timing!!

I've been drinking the shakes rather than having the soups, they're pretty good!! I've found out we can have half a pint of milk a day which makes the shakes taste really good, esp the chocolate one!

I'm looking forward to not needing to pee so much though!!!! ;)

I was doing WW up until a couple of weeks ago, it was going well but slow progress... Really slow..... I was doing tons of exercise, running 20 miles a week and swimming over 300 lengths, I even ran a half marathon 4 weeks ago.. Then I slipped at work, stirred up an old knee injury and now I can bearly walk, let alone run! :sick: :help2:

At this point I panicked, really panicked... My dress, when it arrived in the shop, didn't do up by 4 inches.. It's a lace up corset back and the bridal shop has ordered me a larger panel to go under the lacing - but the rest is up to me.. I upped my running and swimming and, sure enough, the dress came in by a good inch.. But with my knee injury I was really scared as to how on earth I was going to get in my dress.. So I decided to do the CD from when I got back from france and here I am!

I now have 11 weeks until the wedding and a need to lose 3 inches... I'd love to be able to lose 2 stone - from looking at other people's amazing weight losses I think I could possibly lose even more, that would be unbelieveable.. One thing I am aware of is the time people seem to do the best is the first time they do it and dont I know that to be true.. First time at WW I did so well.. First time I cheated - well, I never got back into it as well after that.... So, for me, it's 790 or the 1000 plan all the way to the wedding! h2b is being really supportive which is great!

I next try on my dress on the 4th May, a friend of mine is coming to stay for the weekend so will be nice to see what she thinks! She's getting married three weeks after me and is making our wedding cake as a wedding present - so generous bless her! It's been wonderful having someone to share planning with! So roll on 12 days time and I can see what difference it's made, I last tried it on last friday so will be interesting!!

Any tips or comments would be so appreciated, everyone on here seems so supportive and for that I would be truly grateful!

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Wants to be a yummy mummy
Thank you Irene! I will do.. It's certainly been interesting and helpful reading others - and inspiring watching people go through their journey with the ups and downs along the way..

Ahh, I will keep thinking of my dress, it's beautiful! It's gold, covered in lace, cathedral length train (and veil) - and I'm wearing sunflowers in my hair! Can't wait to wear it (if it fits!!!!)


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Hey hun, I bet the dress will look absolutely fantastic!

The results on CD are amazing and even on 790 you can still lose close to a stone a month...

Best of luck!!


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Thank you Karen!! How are you going with WW?? It's funny, we've swapped over at the same time - but in the opposite direction!!!!!!!

A stone a month would be amazing..... That would take me to just shy of 3 stone and, in honesty, to the exact weight I wanted to be for the wedding - just didn't ever know if I could get there.. Now I believe I might!!


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Well, I jumped on the scales this morning - I have lost 8lb!!!!!!!!!

:bliss: :bliss: :bliss: :bliss:

I'm so happy!!!

Off for brekkie now, fruits of the forrest I think!


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Thats ace,....you are doing really really well...just keep plugging away and drink as much water as you can manage!

WW seems to be going well, but I wil have to reserve judgement on that until I actually start to see results (although I had a sneak on the scales this morning and seem to have lost 1lb since yesterday....must stop scale hopping..tis sooooo bad for me!)

8lb is a fab start, CD is a fab diet...as long as you play by the rules it will be dead easy and on 790 you should still be in ketosis as well so no hunger pains!

Prepare to be amazed at how that dress feels next time you try it on chix!


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hee hee, thank you, I will keep going with that water!! Luckuily I always drank about 3l per day before, so going up to 4 hasn't been too much of a challenge!!

Ahh, I hope I can see a difference, it's still got a bit of a way to go.. I just dont want to look on the day like I've been squeezed into my dress..

I know what you mean about scale hopping, I'm an offender there too in that I weigh everday.. I know I shouldnt but I understand about fluctuations and it might go up and not mean anything! But I find it really encouraging watching it go down a little each day!!!


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So now at the end of Day 8, been a little more tough today in that we went to the cinema.. We always have icecream (and not even a small one but we share a 3 scoop with choc sauce/nuts/cream) and we always have sweets... Well tonight we had neither and, suprisingly enough, we still really enjoyed the film!!! ;) So am really proud of myself for that.. I've got to the stage now where I'm asking myself if I want something more than I want my dress to fit.. The answer is always "no" but it's a new thing for me to be looking that far in advane - rather than just considering the immediate future and what ever is in front of me that's yummy at the time! So that's progress!

Had a choc shake and a fruits of the forest shake today.. Made up the FOTF one with milk from my half pint allowance, wasn't as taken with it with milk.. Am liking the choc one though!

Back into work for a study day tomorrow and meant to be walking in the evening.. The forcast though isn't good and, with my knee being unsteady, I'm not sure if I want to take the risk.. So it may well be thurs now instead.. Will be nice - but a pub meal at the end, lots of sweet talking to the chef I think!! I dont mind ordering off menu luckily!!

Hope everyone else ok!



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Well in day 9 the CD went from being a vlcd to a vvvvvvlcd!! Started off ok, had a shake for brekkie, lunch at lunchtime.. Then got back from my study day and my mum had sent me a couple of bars to try before I went to see my cdc on thurs so I'd know whether I liked them or not.... I'd drunk loads of water all day, I'd had 3.5litres up til 5.30! So I had the bar (and the large glass of water they say to have with it) and within 20 minutes I started feeling sick.. I then spent the next hour not being too good (sorry, tmi!).. Might take me a while to pluck up the courage to try those again!!!!

Apart from that the study day yesterday left me really sore, I think I may be trying to go back to work too early.. I have to see occupational health today (as it was an injury at work) so will chat to them, see if I can go back on a staggered basis, I think going straight back to full time hours was a bit much.. So be interesting to see what they say!

Apart from that the diet is going really well, I'm not struggling with it! I am starting to feel the difference now, especially in my back which is great as I need to lose there for my dress!! Only 10 weeks and a few days now, soon coming round!


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S: 15st13lb G: 10st7lb

I'm sorry you felt so poorly on the bars and I hope you feel much better today:)

Just wanted to wish you luck with the diet - it is fantastic and I know that you will fit into your dress and look amazing too:D (I bought my dress size 12 when I was a size 16 and its now too big so I know that it happens)

Tell us more details about your wedding - when, where, bridemaids etc, etc, etc. I love to hear about weddings and I am getting impatient for mine now.

All the very best for your next weigh in


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Hiya Lenny!

Yes, I do feel much better today thanks!! Have stuck to the shakes and my tummy's been better for it!!!!

Ahh, thank you... The diet is certainly working well, I'm already starting to be able to see results.. If this is after 10 days then wow, after 80 there are going to be some amazing changes, who knows - I may even need that dress taking in!!!!!! I'm lucky in that at the moment I can lose 4 inches to have the panel under the lacing meet the dress.. After that it can lace in by another 2-3 inches easily before it needs taking in anymore.. And I NEVER really seem to lose weight off my boobs so at least I wont need darts putting in the side of my dress!! It's a fab dress though, gold, strapless.. Covered in lace and with a cathedral length train and veil.. There's a lace rose on the left hip too..

As for bridesmaids I'm having one MOH, she's a wonderfully close friend of mine.. We're having 2 young flowergirls and 2 page boys.. Church wedding and reception in a wonderfully old building.. About 120 guests (we think, had a few declines but think we should end up with about 120!) and a ceilidh in the evening!

Then off for a wonderful honeymoon in the carribean!

We are both so so so looking forward to it - 10 weeks to go AND WE CANT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, likewise, I love hearing of other weddings too, would love to hear about yours too!
hope you're feeling better now ....

Am sure you'll slide into your dress with no bother.

I am in a race against time to get into my dress too.
But, between first trying on the dress, and then deciding on it for definite (a delay of 3 weeks), I lost 3cm from my hips and 2cm from my bust.
The shop manager was amazed! My loss is slowing down now, but should be at a quick enough rate that it fits (8 weeks to go).

Am sure CD will work for you, and you'll be a magnificent bride.


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Bit of a nightmare having that pressure isn't it??!! Hope you get in your dress ok too!!

I'm looking forward to knowing how the weight loss is helping the dress come in, at the moment I'm not sure at all as even though I'd lost a little bit of weight before, I actually lost more inches than weight as I was doing so much running and swimming (as in I was only 3-4lb lighter but 2-3 inches smaller everywhere!) At this rate when I go next week I should have lost 10-11lb from when I last tried it on, must admit it's the first time I'm looking forward to seeing whether it's come in rather than dreading it wont have!!!!

Wow, just had a look at your graph, you've lost about 15-16lb a month, wow!!! Thats so good!! Hope it works for me that well! Bet you're so proud of yourself, can you really notice it yet? You must feel amazing!! :)
Wow, just had a look at your graph, you've lost about 15-16lb a month, wow!!! Thats so good!! Hope it works for me that well! Bet you're so proud of yourself, can you really notice it yet? You must feel amazing!! :)
It's Day 100 today. I don't know exactly what I weigh at the moment, as missed my class, but as of last week, I'd lost 3st 4lbs.

I do feel different, and yes, I can really notice it. More than the reading on the scales though, my favourite bit has been the measuring tape. I've lost quite a lot of cms - even 3cm from my neck! - and that is really good to see.

Might not feel amazing just yet (still a bit of weight to shift) but I do feel a whole lot better than I did, and pretty smug about the achievement so far.

Am sure the next fitting will prove just how far you've come.


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Well I had another good day yesterday! We went to the pub in the evening with friends and I had some chicken, steak and some veg.. And a tiny bit of a jacket potato! Had a really lovely evening and wasn't even tempted to have a pudding!

I also met my cdc yesterday... She was really nice and very encouraging! Going back to see her in 2 weeks!


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S: 19st3lb C: 15st5lb G: 12st2lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 3st12lb(20.07%)

Hiya Sunflower bride!

I've only just managed to find time to update my thread & thought I'd pop across to give you some encouragement :D

CD really does work...! and as you've already read my thread you can see I'm living proof that you'll achieve your goal in time for your wedding.

(I've added a couple of pics to my thread if you fancy a quick look?)

My main advice is... Stick with it babe!
The time flies in faster than you'd believe, so try to be as good as possible ALL the time & I know you'll be thrilled with your achievement, which makes you feel even more fantastic when you're walking down the aisle towards your H2b as he waits for you with tears in his eyes!

It will be the best day of your life!!

Love Nic x
Hiya Sunflowerbride,

Stick with the diet and with us and you'll look even more stunning on your wedding day. Your dress and headdress both sound wonderful :D

I adore sunflowers & so to have them in a head dress would be wonderful :D

You'll be surprised how quickly the inches come off with CD. Three weeks ago I couldn't get into a pair of jeans that I had only worn once before. Yesterday, not only could I get into them but the darned things kept falling down :rolleyes: - waste of a pair of jeans but a wonderful feeling :D

Good luck with sticking it out - at least you've got a wonderful goal to aim for x


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S: 16st7.5lb C: 11st13.5lb G: 10st7lb Loss: 4st8lb(27.65%)

When I started CD in november, I could just about get my wedding dress over my hips - i went for my final fitting last week and now it has to be taken in. It can be done just stay strong!!!

Good Luck

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