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Daily Mail: Today's diet/fitness related offerings

I must admit I'm getting a bit bored of the Daily Mail of late, so thought I'd bring it in here as a rant :)

Although it's a great diversionary tactic when all you can think about is food...I'm getting really annoyed with how many of their "femail" stories are about who's lost what...how they lost it...how they "might've" lost it.... etc etc blah di blah....

at first it was kinda motivational...but now I feel patronised - like it's all us women think about....

It's getting very stale and with that here is today's "news"....

Samantha Fox shows off very slight frame as she leaves TV appearance | Mail Online

Danielle Lloyd is star of the show as she helps Pixie Lott launch new fashion range | Mail Online

Kelly Osbourne shows off her toned legs in a vintage style dress | Mail Online

Ultimo boss Michelle Mone strips for new shoot after losing SIX STONE | Mail Online

X Factor's Sharon Osbourne makes comeback but what's she done to her face? | Mail Online

Barbie fan Stephanie Ledigo goes from size 24 to 12 in less than a year | Mail Online

Now Big Brother winner Josie signs up for the Ultimate workout as she is put through her paces by TWO personal trainers | Mail Online

<end of rant>:rolleyes:
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** Chief WITCH **
and there was one yesterday, I forget who now, who'd BLOATED in three months... she was skinny three months ago and looks great now!


** Chief WITCH **
and if THAT tummy protrudes, they oughta see mine!
The DM/Media want women to look like little girls verging on little boys...

I'm sure the next diet they cover will be the auschwitz diet :S.... seems the only way to be "acceptable"


** Chief WITCH **
I read that the newspaper back home with the largest circulation is "The Sun", so surely DM is almost highbrow?!
it's really effective...apparently the weight drops right off you - you just waste away :s...:eek:

let's not subscribe to that one eh....:)
and no forum on here??? shocking!
Its really wrong isnt it how they have a new diet every week in 'Femail' why is it only women who get a special bit of the paper, why not 'Hemail' get all those lard arse blokes slim. Honestly if Aguilera had slimmed down to what she is now they would be saying OMG she looks amazing, but because she was a stick insect before when she is at the correct weight shes fat, its madness
The woman who lost loads of weight, they describe her as a dowdy brunette 'before' yet she was clearly nothing of the sort.

I hate all this stuff.
The only magazine I read is autosport, the rest just pee me off too much.


** Chief WITCH **
Maybe it's my eyesight but only one of those ladies looks a little overweight to me and, if she stood up, she probably wouldn't either!

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