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Daily Syns

Hi guys

Been doing this for 3 weeks now and ive only lost 2lb. to say i was disappointed is an understatement. I didnt have a great week last week but i dont think i was awfully bad. However i will say the scales also told me i was 6ft 5in tall when im 5ft 7in.

Anyway how many syns should i be eating each day? i had 7 1/2 today and found that ample but just incase ive been having too many.

Also, my job and lifestyle isnt very active. I basically sit on my backside for 12 hours each day doing nothing. Will this be having an impact on my weight loss (or lack of it)

Thanks, any advice is greatly appreciated.
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You should be aiming for 15 a day unless your consultant (if you go to group) has told you otherwise. If your struggling you could have an extra healthy extra and count it as 6 syns.

Slow and steady is the best way to lose weight and keep it off. However make sure you are eating enough! Fill up on the free foods - keep eating until you're full, use and weigh your healthy extras and have syns for treats or extra HEx's.

Best of luck,

Natt xxx
Yep, up to 15 a day :)
I sit on my backside all day too, either in the car or behind a desk and I'm a bit lazy when it comes to exercise, I only walk my doggy!
Don't cut down on your syns this early in your weight loss journey.
Do you post a food diary on here? We can check to see if you are going wrong anywhere.
I struggle to make up my syns too. Weekends aren't a problem when I add a glass of wine, but the last couple of days I've only done about 3-4 and didn't really want anymore as I felt I'd just be eating for the sake of it. Do I really have to be eating 15?


Getting fit for 30!
S: 25st5lb C: 25st5lb G: 11st1lb BMI: 54 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Obviously don't eat for the sake of eating, but you can add syns to food without really noticing. A tsp of oil is 6syn. Having some ketchup/salad creme/mayo with ur food thats a few syns too. Having another 28g of cheese in something adds 6syns. The more syns you have at the start the easier it is later :)


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When I started SW I ate no syns at all, thinking surely I'd lose more that way. It started well then it slowed right down & my consultant told me if you don't have syns you're not doing it 100%. Through trial & error I know I can't have 15 a day like most people :( I can only have full syns 2 days. Maybe try that, have full one week & if it doesn't go well have less the next. Test the waters.

Are you eating enough free foods?? And speed foods?? (Lots of people think they're eating too much when they're not eating enough) My consultant always recommends lots of fruit, water & yogurts (as low fat dairy breaks down fat).

Ive stayed the same the last 5 weeks for no reason, sometimes it just goes like that, maybe you need a little kick start. I'm sure your consultant will have some ideas to try, maybe you could text/call her?
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aim for 10 a day to start with, but have between 5-1 everyday

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