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dairy free

hi just wondering if anyone else is dairy free? its just last time i did slimming world i could have dairy but this time around i cant (long story) and the only difference is i cant have muller lights which in a way i think helped me cos this time it seems to be going so slow and i just want to give up sometimes i was wondering if anyone had any tips? cos im eating lots of free stuff trying to keep my syns down.
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I've been doing SW as a vegan so obviously dairy free, and my losses have been comparable with others. Tips, well apparently Kara the coconut milk replacement is a HEXA and you can have 400 ml which is the most generous AFAIK, this info came from another poster on this forum.

The general advice seems to be to keep your syns up, but it does seem to vary from person to person. Do you do a food diary? Perhaps posting your food here and asking for advice could get some more specific feedback.

Apart from that, all I can say is keep the activity levels up, stick to the plan and it should work. Wishing you well.


bye bye baby tummy
Jelly pots instead of yogurts I am 90% dairy free I can have a single yog or a bit of cheese in a day but no milk (drink rice milk as allergic to soy)

Low cal jelly pots are big and half a syn (the sugar free are smaller so i go for the low cal same cals same syns) grown up flavours too like mango and passion fruit and cranberry and raspberry
Thank you both will do yes keep a food diary and have been doing alot more activity esp with zumba so hopefully will show. I was thinking jelly would help and give me
Something else I could eat once again thank you both :D


bye bye baby tummy
I love the jellys too they are like sweet so i feel im getting a treat lol
Can you use lactofree products?

I heard a low fat yoghurt and cheese was in development. Fingers crossed! We use lactofree milk across the family and it'd be easier to just buy one type of yoghurt too.

Im completely dairy free and I cant have the lactofree stuff as it still has dairy in. Struggled at the beginning as lots of d/f yoghurt substitutes are synned, but am getting used to it now.

You are not alone xxx

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