Dani's diary starting 1st December 2008.


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im going to keep a diary of my feelings, my food, my exercise day by day so i can feel motivated by yourselves who read my diary. i do keep one at home, but its only me who reads it, and i really need the support and motivation from others.

So for the next 6weeks and 5 days i will be Calorie counting to this pattern:

Monday= 1250 calories and 75g carbs
Tues= 1500 and 100g carbs
Wed= 1250
Thurs= 1500
Friday= 1250
Sat= 1500
Sun= 1250

i will exercise 3times a week minimum but preferably do 30minutes a day. i will also be wearing a pedometer to count my daily steps, 5000 minimum.
i will weigh in every monday in the am, and measure my waist, the fattest part of my tummy, my hips, my arms and my thighs.

so here goes :D:D:D
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Sounds good! Good Luck! I'll be reading with interest to see how you do on that amount. I'm eating my BMR (1535) at the minute and so far am hitting 1500-1550 so on track. It'll take me a while for anything to happen (long story) but I'll be reading with interest!


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Weight= 156pounds
Clothes size= 12/14
Body fat estimate= 35% (not very good)
Waist= 31 inches
38 inches
Hips= 37 inches
Right arm= 13.5 inches
Left arm= 13 inches
Right thigh= 24.5 inches
Left thigh = 24 inches
Bra line = 33 inches
Bust = 37 inches
Shoulders = 40 inches
Bottom = 42 inches

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oh, i wil lbe reading with interest too! keep us posted, maybe all regualr members can keep like a food diary on here? rite ill ad that as a new post i thinks. GOOOOOOD LUCK


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good luck I started yesterday and have added my menu feeling reallypositive :wave_cry:


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Feeling pretty good today, quite motivated. i exercised and felt good, hopefully i can stick to it.

  • Branflakes - 160 calories & 26.4g

  • Banana - 80 calories

  • Chicken & sweetcorn soup - 170 calories

  • 1 slice of granary bread - 118 calories

  • Fray bentos pie with broccoli, cauliflower and green beans - 398 calories
  • Activia yoghurt - 118 calories
4 cups of decaf coffee
4 250ml glasses of water

10miles of indoor cycling
6475 pedometer steps

Calories consumed= 1064
Calories left = 186

i really should eat at least another snack so ive had my 3meals and 3 snacks a day but ive been sooo busy today i forgot.


taking one day at a time
S: 11st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
well done you looking good well dine on the exercise :)


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Looks good so far. One question though Dani are you taking into account the sat fat as well as the cals? I try never to go over 2g sat fat unless of course it can't be avoided.Or if it's a treat :)


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i do it a bit different. i have a rule which is based on the rosemary conley diet, i try not to eat anything over 5grams of Fat (saturated and poly and monosaturated) per 100grams.



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Today was an okay day, we ate dinner in a noodle bar as it was a friends leaving do, i did reasonably good though (ish). until i realised once my dish arrived that id ordered satay which is full of coconut milk :eek: ah well my calories were higher today, so ill not beat myself up about that one.

  • Shredded wheat bitesize - 218 calories & 37.6grams carbs
  • Pear - 90 calories
  • Tuscan bean soup - 260 calories
  • Activia Yoghurt - 118 calories
  • Banana - 80 calories
  • King prawn satay rice noodles - 700 calories approx
  • 1 small glass of dry white wine - 100 calories
3 cups of coffee (2 caffiene and 1 decaf)
2 250ml glasses water

no cycling today
7056 pedometer steps today

1566 calories consumed
66 calories over limit.

tomorrow i will definatley do some cycling to work of that extra 66 calories and definatley need to work of the saturated fat in the satay noodles.
i am quite happy that although i ate out, i was only just over my calorie intake for the day, so i know in future i really should skip that one glass of wine. 100 calories ?? tut tut . i should of known better.:break_diet:


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Feeling pretty good today, starting to feel slightly more energised and my skin is starting to look a bit brighter, which is great. Ive been pretty healthy today apart from a teeny weeny treat, but i added that into my calorie intake.

  • Branflakes - 160 calories & 26.4grams carbs
  • Pink lady apple - 60 calories
  • lentil & vegetable soup - 190 calories
  • Activia yoghurt - 118 calories
  • Roast chicken with wholegrain rice mixed with sweetcorn and green lentils - 550 calories & approx 45grams of carbs
  • 3 small (1inch x 1inch) chocolates - ive estimated that they contain approx 50 calories each, so thats 150 calories
4 cups of coffee ( 2 decaf and 2 caffienated)
6 glasses of water


indoor cycling - 10 miles & 28.39minutes
pedometer steps - 6192

Calories consumed: 1228
Calories left: 22

i know the 3 chocs arent really nutrional etc, but i craved chocolate, and rather than completley deprive myself i ate in moderation. oh and it was dark chocolate which is apparantly a better choice than milk chocolate.

As i am making a life change and not just an initial diet, i will not deprive myself completley of the 'forbidden' food, as that only results in my usually failing.


taking one day at a time
S: 11st7lb C: 11st7lb G: 9st13lb BMI: 26 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
looking good yummy menu:)


A little of everything!
S: 12st13lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.2 Loss: 1st13lb(14.92%)
I always include a treat- nutritional or not! I figure skinny people can have the occasional biscuit/chocolate treat and not blow up, so we should as well. I always have a jumbo snack a jack, some smarties, or an Alpen/Special K bar- and count it in. The rest of my diet is super-healthy so I figure it'll balance out a bit!


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  • Shredded wheat bitesize - 218 calories and 37.6grams carbs
  • Banana - 100 calories
  • Spring vegetable soup - 126 calories
  • wholegrain bagel - 187 calories and 36.7grams carbs
  • 100grams Grapes - 60 calories
  • 1 & half fillets of Smoked mackerel with broccoli/cauliflower and green beans - 600 calories
  • Activia yoghurt - 118 calories
5 coffees (3 caffeniated and 2 decaf)
2 glasses water


no cycling today
Pedometer steps: 4702

Calories consumed : 1409
Calories left : 91

Feeling a tad bit bloated today as im due my Totm next week, but i have taken a few measurements today and its looking promising.


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Today i am supposed to be consuming 1250 calories, but i have upped my calorie intake to 1500 today as i am going to a dinner with my partner and a few friends for christmas drinks. We will be eating at a thai restuarant so its reasonably healthy.

Branflakes - 160 calories & 26.4g carbs
Apple - 60 calories
Wholegrain bagel with turkey ham and peanut butter - 216 calories & 36.7g carbs
Moneybags and prawn starter - 250 calories
Thai chicken (ginger and onion) - 350 calories
singapore noodles - 200 calories
3 glasses of dry white wine - 400 calories


Pedometer steps = 5043
Indoor cycling = 25 minutes
8.67 miles

Calories used: 1636 calories
Calories over: 136 calories

i know i went a little over, but im not feeling too guilty as i had exercised and plan to exercise tomorrow.


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Today im doing christmas shopping so i will be out for the duration of the day. Therefore i will be eating out for lunch. i will try to behave, but to be honest, i feel its going to be a bad day.
i have now decided that one day a week i will up my calorie intake to 1800 calories just to have a mini break, so i dont beat myself up if i go over.

Crunchy nut nutty - 226 calories & 37g carbs
Banana - 100 calories
Bratwurst sausage in a small roll - 250 calories approx
2pints of german beer - 400 calories
Half a barbeque pizza - 385 calories & 51.6g carb
Third a packet of popcorn - 300 calories & 32g carb
2 glasses of dry white wine - 200 calories
1 glass of baileys and tia maria - 200 calories


Pedometer steps = 9004
No exercise

Calories consumed = 2061
Calories over = 261.

So as u can see, not a good day at all. I really should not have visited that german market, thats were the badness started. :mad:
im trying not to beat myself up too much about this, but i really do feel guilty. i had no need to drink so much, as i was at home. i really didnt need the pizza for dinner, because i had planned to make spaghetti bolengaise (even defrosted my meat) AND i really did not need the popcorn, i only ate it cuz we watched a movie and i had a few drinks so i got peckish. Damn alcohol!!! :mad::mad::mad::mad::mad:

I will exercise tomorrow to try and make me feel less guilty and ill be eating very good. Well you can only learn from your mistakes and weaknesses. it happens.

Tomorrows another day. :D


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dont beat your self up about it. the best thing you can do is get back to it straight away.

A tip i always found that works; Never wait till tomoro to start over.
if you think 'oh well' ill start again tomoro, think of all those extra calories you carry on eating for the rest of the day.


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Today was quite a good day, didnt feel too bad about the night before thank goodness, i think its because i now realise, we all have trip ups and we just need to get back on track before we tear ourselves apart for being naughty.

Shredded wheat bitesize - 218 calories & 37.6g carbs
Prawn cocktail - 100 calories
3roast potatoes, 3 dolmades (greek stuffed vine leaves) with peas and sweetcorn - 400 calories
Satsuma - 25 calories
Cream of chicken soup - 210 calories

6 glasses of water
4 coffees


Indoor cycling = 40minutes
14.02 miles
Pedometer steps = 4872

Calories consumed : 953
Calories left : 297

phew!! that 297 left can cancel out saturdays overdose of "naughty" food.


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Well ive just weighed and measured in this morning, and i have to say........woohoo i feel good.

I have not lost any weight on the scales, but i kind of expected that as i have upped my exercise and for the first few weeks i might actually weigh more because muscle builds quicker than the rate of fat loss.
Oh and also im due my Totm next week.


Weight: 156 pounds
Clothes size : 12/14
Body fat estimate: 32.02% (getting better)
Waist : 29.5 inches
Tummy : 37 inches
Hips : 36.5 inches
R arm: 13 inches
L arm: 13 inches
R thigh: 23.75 inches
L thigh: 23.5 inches
Bra line : 32 inches
Bust : 37 inches
Shoulders : 40 inches
Bottom : 41 inches

so in one week that is a total of 5.75 inches loss. wooohooo....i cant believe it, im very very happy.:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D


A little of everything!
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Keeping positive- well done!