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Dannii's Vegetarian Diary

First day and I think I have done pretty well.

Special K and a Coffee = 3.5pt

250g Jacket potato with cottage cheese and beans, a salad and a vanilla yoghurt = 7.5pt

Quorn Cottage pie, cheesy leeks, broccoli and salad = 6pt

WW Chocolate brownie and a coffee = 2pt

Daily Points = 24
Points used = 20
Breakfast: 2 slices WW toast, beans, cheese triangle, brown sauce and a coffee = 3.5pt

Lunch: Jacket Potato, cottage cheese and a quorn burger = 6.5pt

Snack: banana = 1.5pt

Dinner: Pasta and quorn nugget salad = 6.5

Snack: WW Brownie = 2pt

Daily Points: 24
Points used: 20
It was lettuce, roasted vegetables (Peppers, courgettes and onions), cucumber, tomato, spring onion, with pasta and quorn nuggets. Was yum!
that does sound nice.. i'm off to get some of them nuggets!
Breakfast: Smoothie = 2pt
Lunch: Quorn nuggets and salad wraps = 7pt
Dinner: Quorn cottage pie, home made chips and cottage cheese = 7pt
Snacks = weight watchers brownie and yoghurt = 4pt

Daily points: 24
Points used: 20
Breakfast: Special k = 3pt
Lunch: Quron nugget pitta breads = 8pt
Dinner: Quorn cajun stir fry with loads of veg and some rice = 7pt
Snack = Packet of skips and a WW brownie = 3

Daily Points = 24
Points used = 21
Breakfast: Smoothie = 2
Lunch = Cajun quorn chicken wrap = 4
Dinner: Half WW pizza with quorn chicken and half fat cheese, chips and mayo = 8.5
Snack = French Fries crisps and 1 vodka and diet coke = 2.5

Daily points = 24
Points used = 17

I felt ill and went to bed, so didn't get to use them all up. I know I am not meant to save anymore than 4 a day.
Have 23 to use up over the weekend that I have saved throughout the week :s
Breakfast: None
Lunch: Penne Fresco in Bella Italia (15), garlic bread with cheese (6) = 21
Dinner:Quorn bacon and salad sandwich = 3.5
Snacks: Another quorn bacon and salad sandwich and philidephia rice cakes and a WW belgian chocolate slice = 6
Drinks: 4 pints of cider = 12

Daily Allowance: 24pt
Points used: 42.5 (18.5 used from points left over from the week)

It looks like a really bad day eating and drinking wise. But I was just using up the points from the week, so surely it's okay?
Got 4.5 of weekly leftovers to use with today's allowance too!
Breakfast: Mushrooms and beans on toast = 3.5pt
Lunch: Quorn Cottage pie and quorn bacon with extra light philly = 6.5 pt
Dinner: Lasagne and garlic bread = 6.5pt
Snack: Chocolate cake = 7pt (Ooops)

Daily Allowance = 24pt
Points used = 23.5

Had my first weigh in today and have lost 7lbs. Am SOOOOOO pleased :)
:eek: Well done you - Absolutely fantastic WI result!!! :D:D:D Don't normally read these diaries up here but saw your link on the WI result thread. If at any point you need more support hun maybe consider getting one of the mods to move your thread down with the rest of us. Whatever, you decide I've made a mental note to pop up here for a nosy every now and then - if you'll have me of course :p Well done again. Take care :) xxx

another WW veggie here. :)

Well done on such a great weight loss. You are doing great.

Love reading your diary. I like a lot of the quorn products aswell, find them easy and quick to use.

Although am into chickpeas and lentils at moment as been making some nice warming soups.

How long have you been a veggie ?

Deb x
Here you are! Thanks for posting the link. I never come up here either Jax for some reason. If you want more support defintely think of being asked to move, if you are happy with a little more privacy then stay up here but I am sure you will get stalked posting losses like that :D Well done...that is an amazing loss. I look forward to seeing you post more :) Well done x
Thanks guys! I did wonder why my thread wasn't getting as much attention as other peoples hehe. I shall ask one of the mods to move it on down.
Deb: I have been a veggie for around 6 years now. How about you? I love everything quorn do. I hated it when i first tried it, now I don't know what I would do without it. I live chickpeas and lentils, just don't really know what to do with them. Any tips for low point soups with them in?
Oh. I can't send a mod a message asking for it to be moved. Whenever I try to access someones info, it gives me this message:
Vegetarian, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

  1. Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?
  2. If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

Anyone know why?
breakfast: Smoothie = 2pt
Lunch: Jacket potato with quorn bolagnaise and extra light philly = 8.5pt
Dinner: Stir-fry, noodles and WW chicken tikka sauce = 4pt
Snack: WW Choc wafer, Latte, Strawberries dipped in chocolate (OMG, amazing) = 5.5

Daily Allowance = 23pt
Points used = 20pt
I think you need to make 50+ posts before you can send personal messages. Only 11 to go for you. Once you hit 50 you should be able to do it.

Hope you have a good week :)
Just to add, some people have 2 diaries, one in here for food and one in the main forum for general chit-chat, support, venting etc. You could always just start another one in there?

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