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  1. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission


    Just thought i'd say hi as just come off cambridge AGAIN lol, to do weight watchers and have loved this forum:D have done it before and know it works, but thought the quick weight loss would be better, but came to my senses that healthy eating is sooooo much better for you :p I know my first weigh in won't be the best due to having done cambridge for couple of weeks, may even put on as didn't do the steps:rolleyes: but i'm determined this time to get to goal by spring 2010, as have also entered the ballot for the London marathon so need to ditch the flab and get fit in case i get in:D
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  3. blackwidow

    blackwidow Gold Member

    welcome back then :D

    i am with you on the opinion that healthy eating is better - i would love to shed this extra weight quicker, but i know its my food issues that made me gain the weight, so giving up food isnt the answer! :p

    hope you stick around and let us know how you do :) x
  4. jennybeth79

    jennybeth79 Silver Member

    Its hard isnt it... I keep wandering diets ive been from slim fast to ww to atkins to LT all in the last few months. Only been doing LT for 3 wks and most of that I kept cheating but instead of healthy food like ive been eating since sept Ive binged on real rubbish...
    So Im trying again and Im on to my 3rd day again of pur LT no food.. Ive only managed to get to 4 days so far b4 slipping... I decided to do it coz my wedding dress is getting nearer Ive got 5 weeks to lose some in time to order my dress..but I miss food sooooo much I miss salads and cucumber..this summer weather is making me want to have nice salads and fruit... I miss my excercise classes so much but I know Id either stall my weight loss if I did excercise or faint...
    Worse bit is the dress shop know Im doing LT so I cant give up coz then id look silly
  5. jellibabe

    jellibabe Full Member

    Hi and welcome back - good luck with the switch.
  6. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    Hey all

    After much faffing about with diets......I'm Back to weight watchers, it's the 1st september so a great day to start and only 5 weeks till i find out if i've got in to the london marathon:eek: and 16 weeks till chrimbo :D..Will be writing daily to keep me on the straight and narrow, as i'm more determined to ditch the flab:eek:
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  7. mrsm2007

    mrsm2007 Gold Member

    hello there and welcome back! wow your brave arnt you wanting to do the London marathon! cant even run down the garden path me lol

    think theres a few of us who have restarted recently so will be nice to keep each other in check and offer support etc.

    lets hope this time is the last time for us both and that were wearing smaller dress sizes come christmas time :)

    suz x
  8. lindsay88

    lindsay88 Silver Member

    hey and welcome! :) xx
  9. DappyMare

    DappyMare Girl on a mission

    Aww thanks for the welcome suz and lindsay, Day 2 today and already showing over a lb gone, oh I love weight watchers:D

    I am terrified about the marathon, but is always something i wanted to do, so hoping i'll get in the ballot but if not always next year.

    Today i feel like i've eaten loads, but still within my points, but after coming off a diet that involves no food, still gotta get my head round it's ok to eat:eek: Looking forward to today ending as got 6 days off work, so gonna start abit of training, as just recovered from breaking me leg:rolleyes:

    Hope everyone is having a great day

    Vicki x x
  10. mrsm2007

    mrsm2007 Gold Member

    brilliant and enjoy the 6 days rest hun x
  11. bear1982

    bear1982 in the zone!

    Hi welcome back to minis and welcome to WW! It really is a fab diet.

    Good luck with this week and enjoy you hols


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