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Day 1 and so excited

I have started total solution today and plan to lose between 4 & 5 stones. I have done LL & CD before so no starnger to vlcd. So far I love the packs and think they are better than the other company's.
I have started a diary thread as I do find it helps me to write all my blurb down and keeps me on the straight and narrow. So I shall be writing every day and visiting for motivation and encouragement whenever I feel temptations.
I am so excited to know that I have started the journey to rid myself of this extra weight and can't wait to be slim again and feel good about myself, as at the moment I don't like the woman staring back at me in the mirror.
I hope I get to know some of the posters on here and hope that I can also encourage as well as be encouraged.
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I'm on day 11 and can't believe how I'm feeling :) It's great - I don't actually feel so much that I'm on a diet and depriving myself. I enjoy the soups and the knowledge that this is working :)

I was excited before I started and to be honest, I still am :)

I agree with the diary - I've done the same - I think it does you the world of good to get it all down - very therapeutic.

Good luck and I hope your excitement continues as you start to lose weight.

Lesley xx
thanks everyone for your support, and day one was a breeze, loved the packs, hated having the bladder of a 2 year old keep wanting to wee every 5 minutes; but overall it was great.
Day 2 is off to a good start and I am still excited. Got a potential problem in 3 weeks time as we have family coming to stay and they will want to eat out some of the time. But I don't have to eat, can quite happily sit there with water and coffee as I do not want to prolong the diet.


will achieve target
Hi there Frenchfancy xx glad to see you are doing well .. I'm on day 3 today and doing good too ..

I would like loose 6 stone and just thinking of starting a diary too ... I have subscribed to yours so will follow your progress :girlpower: good luck x
:wavey: Hi suzi let me know if you decide to keep a diary and maybe we can support each other. We have similar amounts of weight to lose and started at roughly the same time so could be good for us both.

I had the choc milk shake for lunch and it was ok. I'm not a fan of any milk/milkshakes so they are just to be tolerated as medicine. However they will not stop me doing this diet.
Well done frenchfancy, first few days are supposed to be the worst but I felt fine like you...only 1 side effect...lack of sleep but still felt fine! I'm just starting week 3 with 2 slight blips ;-) but still lost 11.5lbs...definitely worth it. I look forward to reading how you get on x x


will achieve target
Hi ya Frenchfancy xx so glad to see you are doing well :D
I tried the tomato soup last night and wasn't too keen lol that at the musroom are the worst of the lot I think lol but they are okish at the same time .... I think next mth I will stick to just the shakes and the bars though ... So at last I am in Ketosis thank goodness and desperatly trying to drink all the water .. how are you doing on the water front??? hope that you have had a good day today xx Sooz
Suzi had another great day today. I would say I am doing at least 3 litres of water plus brews so not doing too bad. I am walking every day for exercise and trying to keep super busy then the hands don't start wanting to put things in my mouth. I really dont like the shakes but have another 26 to have in the next 2 months so I think I will be trying the microwave muffin idea to get them down. I like all of the soups


will achieve target
Oh no 26 shakes to go ... shame you arn't just around the corner from me as I would swap you for the soups lol ... hope you manage to get through them ok .. I haven't tried the muffins with exante but did when I was on lipotrim they wern't too bad but prefered them as shakes ... with any luck you will like them that way so it will make it a little easier for you xxx I'm gluggin away today so have managed the water, also drinking mint tea and black coffee too so and running to the loo every half hour ha ha
just had the strawberry shake made as a muffin and THANK GOD it was much easier to get it down. In fact is was ok so thats the way forward for me with the remaining 25 shakes lol. If you want to swap you could always pop over to france lol. I love the soups. I have just replied to your other post re making cakes. I waited till I had no orders in before starting but then it could change at the drop of a hat if someone asks me to make a cake or cuppies, and definately no licking the bowl in future:cry:


will achieve target
Hi ya frenchfancy ... hope you are doing ok ?? ... just to let you know I have started a diary lol
Have you started on yet?? would love to follow your progress if you have
xx suzi

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