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Day 1


Wants to Maintain Gd!!
Nice one, hope you have a good one. Once you get into Ketosis its all good.
I founbd it really easy. The only difficult thing was forgetting I couldn't eat. I wasn't hungry at all it's just the habit of thinking what's for dinner!

I woke up this morning not hungry in the slightest (Ithought I would be starving).

I drank 4 litres of water but also spent most of the day getting in extra excersise by climbing the stairs every 30 mins going to the loo! Will take my body a while to get used to so mo water I think.

To be honest, I'm actually finding it quite exhilirating as I don't need to think about what to have for food or prepare it.

I know day 3 is meant to be the killer but I'm in such a good frame of mind about this. I'll also be in work tomorrow so I'll be kept busy, which can't be a bad thing.

Keep in touch as we're starting the same time x
I will, especially as you're only a day ahead of me... I know it's early days but I so want to do well on this, when I'm bigger it just makes me so bloody miserable, plus almost all my weight has gone onto my stomach and hips and I'm pretty fed up of people either congratulating me or asking when it's due....:cry:


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yay!another tall welsh gal x
welcome on board.
defo take your measurements as it will keep you motivated.(something i forgot to do til a few days ago)
it is difficult to get out of the habit of eating as has been said but you'll be fine.have your shakes and plenty of water.
i have found that the loo trips have become alot less now i'm a few weeks in.
good luck and pop on if your struggling and need motivation x
Hey Tafflass, there isn't that many of us around, so need to stick together..lol how are you finding it, I did it briefly last year but had to give up as I was going away with work and it was impossible to keep running out of meetings to go to the loo, and most of it was centred around food breaks etc, this time nothing will stand in my way. Love the idea of the support on here too in case of any weaker moments...
i'm finding it brilliant!
had no probs so far and not been tempted by food at all.i even sat in frankie and bennys while all my family ate and wasn't tempted.just sat there with water.food looked and smelt lush but,like you i'm determined to stick it out this time.
hoping to stick it out and be done by december.
cant wait til weigh in on wednesday.its so exciting (i need a life lol)x


Positivity is the key
Hi Jane,
welcome and all the best for the coming week. Just take it easy on yourself, drink the water have your shakes etc and all will be fine. Take care.


Motivated by you lot!
Wow, I don't remember Welsh girls being so tall, lol!

I was brought up in Newport then spent the last 20-odd years in Cardiff. I'm very short for a guy, 5'5", so I don't carry the weight very well. :sigh:

I did Lipotrim for 2 weeks and refeed for a week, and managed to lose about a stone and a half. I am also happy to say, I didn't have any bad side effects. I had a few minor hunger pangs but those went away really quickly with a drink of water, also a couple of minor dizzy spells which went away quickly after I increased my water intake.

For reasons mentioned in other threads I am changing to either Exante or the Cambridge Diet - both similar to LT, which I really got on well with while I was doing it.

Good luck with your diets, and don't worry if you're not getting side effects, that's a bonus in my opinion.

Good luck Jane, your first WI will be here before you realise it!

Like you I carry my weight round my waist but it must be a sign I'm getting old coz I'm no longer asked when I'm due!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Good luck for your first week - it'll be tough the first few days, but it'll pass!

Great idea to take the pictures & measurements; they'll be great motivation further on :)