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Day 10...I'm cooking on gas! :D

Day 10, and feeling great! Have managed 2 Just Dance workouts,Wii Fit, 2 Kettlebell sessions and 2 gym sessions this week....and just did Zumba for the first time tonight....LOVE IT! :D

Hoping for a good loss this week.. I'm really in the zone right now :D
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Woohoo! That is so fab, you must feel great! and thanks for sharing, good to know that it gets easier! Were you an exerciser before? I just feel too lazy to do any exercise at the moment, but I will... one day!

Keep it up girlie, you're going great guns!



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Wow, you have been really active, good girl! I'm sure it will show on the scales at your next WI.


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yayy well done on being in the zone..... its the best place to be ,, keep it up! x
I was an infrequent exerciser before.. but I want to be fit and healthy, not just lose the weight so I'm setting myself up now for when the hard work of maintainence will begin :)

Everyone having a good day? x


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so far so good! just about to have last shake! how are you getting on? x
I'm tired tonight, been a long week at Uni.. We were meant to be swimming with the kids tonight but when we got there they had swimming lessons on so gonna do half hour on Just Dance instead. Then a lovely hot bath and some dvds. Gonna have my last shake in half hour :D Choc mint, yum yum yum :D
Aww sadie hang on in there huni i got poorly a few times on LT last year its not easy but stay strong it soo worth it xx
Aww Sadie, hope it passes quickly :( x


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keep pushing on sadie! hopefully itll pass soon enough!x
Thanks guy's, felt so ill yesterday, had to take an antihistamine (doc's orders) and was so worried about coming out of ketosis, but thankfully I havnt, just felt so lifeless and weak, nothing that a mars bar would nt have sorted out, but no I stayed strong.....:eek:
Doc advised lots of fluids and paracetamol and rest, mentioned LT but she never mentioned coming off, so here I am day 12!!

Tried to make a mousse out of choc shake last night..yuk!! I am particularly fond of the peanut flapjacks.... could happily have them 3 times a day, the coconut ones have a slight after taste to them that repeated on me but nothing to horrid!!

Thank you for the support, its REALLY helpful and very motivating... weigh in on Wednesday 19th Jan... so here's to another good one.... Sx:p


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hey sadie! hope youre feeling better now,,just take it easy :) the mousses ive heard are gross so youre not alone ! :D youre doing great nearly the end of week 2 for you .. keep it up and good luck for weigh in! x
I tried to make the choc shake into the muffin, that was gross too lol


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ergh amanda...im sure it would put you off muffins for life! ive also heard about making crisps with the chicken soup! even worse.. never mind the fact its bad because it gets rid of all the vitamins and minerals in the shake.. ! think ill just stick to the shakes... :D x
Ha ha!! I love my choc mousse on an evening :) it feels like I'm being a bit naughty!

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I havent tried the mousse yet, loving the shakes :) Tried mint choc and thats yum, also tried adding cold peppermint tea to the vanilla and that is yummmmmmy :D Reminds me of a very milky mint milkshake I used to get when I was little! Adding cold coffee to the vanilla and choc too for iced latte and mocha....nomnomnom! :D

Had a rough weekend, OH was on a 24.5 hour sleepover form 2.30 yesterday til 3 today and really struggled with cooking for the kids and doing any exercise :( Stayed strong though. Looking forward to WI 2 on wednesday :)
I totally agree with pudge...

I tried the shakes warm, gross
I tried the vanilla with coffee cause someone said it was like a latte... NO !!
I tried the muffin !! Definately Not
Even tried the moose... The moose was loose around the hoose.... And it wernt going near my belly!! Lol

The only thing I like is ice cold peppermint tea mixed with the chocolate shake mmmmm


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Even tried the moose... The moose was loose around the hoose.... And it wernt going near my belly!! Lol

glad you were able to stay strong p mcg!x
Just had a mint choc shake, it really is yummy! :D

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