day 11 onss feeling lonely


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Keep your chin up hun:p, you're doing really well. It tough in the beginning, especially if you're CDC isn't able to be there for you:ignore:.

I keep a record at home based on what my scales say (they are about 4lbs dif to my CDC's) so I don't lose track during the week. I think you're doing brilliantly:party0011:. If you're feeling a little bit stuck or struggling to stay motivated try reading through this thread -

it really helps me to stay focussed. Also look at the Inspirational Slide Show on the middle row of the blue menu bar, the amazing pictures of real people who have suceeded help get your head around the fact the you can do it too!!! Heck if I can anyone can.
Keep smiling:D and drinking that water :tear_drop: - you'll get there!!!

Sal xxx


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I love the Inspiration Slideshow too!! I must look at it at least once every day!!


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Keep sticking with it sweet, you sound like you are doing so well! xx


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Keep at it. The weighing once a week at home is also good. Remember lots of water and think about how much you are going to have lost when you do actually WI!!! It will be such a big number you'll be really chuffed with yourself.