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day 13. Totm arrives. Starving! Y?

hi all, i've been havin such a great time an stickin to th diet an really pleased with myself when today my totm arrives, i put 1.5ib on an i am starvin but still in keto. I was that hungry i went to bed at 7.30 an hav not long woke an still hungry. is this th norm for totm?
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I have had this also along with THE worst PMT I've ever experienced. I was starving and psychotic for about 5 days, but got through it. Don't know if I can go through that again tho. Maybe the body requires a higher level of carbs for TOTM? I don't know why it made me so hungry, but feel totally back to normal now.
Its coz ur body is used to being fed lovely tings around totm. I got this too and realised i used to cover my bad moods with sugar. It gets better but i was hungry first 2 months but it was in my head


One last chance
It is normal sweety, for some people anyway. I find that I am extra hungry when I'm on TOTM and I crave anything with carbs and I crave chocolate.
yes its my totm now and I never usually suffer with pain or moods but god I have this time, my poor hubby cant do any thing right xxx
totm is awful :( i dread it!
because are bodies are craving comfort we normally did this prior to the diet with a hot choc and biscuit maybe, now we have to suffer :( ! Are poor bodies hey.. but am sure going to enjoy craving when am more slimmer knowing i dont have to raid the biscuit barrel! Chin up xxx
what a delight - my totm has finished and i lost 4.62ib this week whoop whoop despite putting an unexpected 1.5ib on mid week - made up xx
Well done hun! I love the way some people get the .something of the pounds i dont anything like dat off my pharmacist not even halves. Thats great that its finished mine started a week early dont know hoe that happened coz im on the pill. Guess another ting bout lipotrim dats weird haha! still worth it thou!
Thats great news suprising how it can change in a matter of days! I started when just came on TOTM so dont no if this makes me heavier anyways? what do ya think?

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